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.....and AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Emma119, 28 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Emma119

    Emma119 Member

    Hmmmm so im hoping this will be a good way for me to stay on track and stick with the plan (im doing red and grren days- though mostly red because stuff like pasta, rice and potatoes dont fill me up so i end up eating WAY too many and getting very bloated and gianing weight)

    I did a couple of trail days to ease me into the plan last week and my official start is today.
    Im in Canada so i will be getting weighed at home on a saturday morning. My weight this saturday was 10 stn 4. Im hoping to get down to around 9stn (maybe a pound under so i can break into the next stone braket) hopefully by Christmas.
    I tend to be a slow looser so i think chrismas gives me an achievable time frame.

    I do have a question, i dont know if anyone can help me?...:eek:
    Here in canada we have a cereal called fiber1- i have some very old syn values that show the regular fiber 1 can be a HEXB but there is no mention of the kind i tend to buy. This: Fiber One® Cereal Fiber One® Honey Clusters® is the kind i normally eat if anyone can help me and tell me if i can use it as my HEXB that would be great!

    Many Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help!
    Last edited: 29 July 2014
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  3. Emma119

    Emma119 Member

    Not a great start

    Well yesterday (Monday) was a bit of a disaster and I'm quite annoyed at myself about it. With work i often have to travel to different offices. So yesterday i took my healthy SW chili and fruit to my main office. I had to "quickly" pop to another office so didn't take my food with me. That quick visit lasted 7 hours :eek: so instead of my nice food i ate quite a lot of yogurt covered cranberries (20 syns) and a mini bag of party rings (5.5 syns) I do realise that it could have been alot worse but i had really psyched myself up to be really good from yesterday and it was a bit of a downer! Unfortunately the office was a remote one so not enough time to go anywhere for food in my lunch break.
    Next time i will know better i suppose! :cool:
  4. Emma119

    Emma119 Member

    Getting better

    So today has gone ALOT better:
    Breakfast: Fiber 1 cereal (30g- hoping its ok for a HEXB)
    AM Snack: banana
    Lunch: SW Chili (extra lean mince, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and carrots), Cherries
    PM Snack: banana & 1 weathers original (1 syn?)
    Tea will be Chicken with Cauliflower and carrots, then maybe some fruit with a bit of low fat ice-cream :)

    Very happy i have managed to stay away from the party rings in my desk drawer
  5. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    I have the same problem travelling with work...well at the minute i may be redundant soon...i always try to take something with me or i dont eat at all...and feel ill for days
  6. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Glad you having a better day..bin those party rings and put fruit snacks there instead
  7. Emma119

    Emma119 Member

    Hi Elvis fan.
    Yes i have learnt from Monday and have brought food with me today :D I will try to carry a handbag banana with me at all times for emergencies. The days i know i will be off site i am prepared, its just those "quick visits" that i need to take something with me just in-case.
    Sorry to hear about the possible redundancy :(
  8. Emma119

    Emma119 Member

    Not too shabby so far

    Today is going well.
    I'm working at a site that is quite remote today so no chance to snack.
    I have a banana, apple, cherries and a chicken sandwich using my HEXB + 1 syn for bread (the bread is 10g over the HEXB limit so I'm assuming 1 syn would cover the discrepancy) also 2.5 syns of butter (i cant use margarine)
    That sould tie me over untill tea which will be left over SW Chili (with extra lean beef, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots) with some cauliflower on the side.

    I'm noticing the past couple of days i have been feeling really bloated and my stomach hurts. I'm assuming its all the the fruit and veg. I have been trying to drink lots of water but maybe its not enough....
  9. Emma119

    Emma119 Member

    OH dear

    So last week went quite well, i was very disappointed to have STS on Saturday morning but it was totm and i didn't drink nearly enough water. However instead of me thinking that i will stick with it and i will have a loss next week, i went crazy and ate everything in site! FOR 3 DAYS!! Saturday wasn't too bad as i went for a hike, so that took up most of the day. Sunday i was unstoppable, i went to the grocery store bought a jam doughnut and a vanilla slice and scoffed them both before I'd even unpacked the shopping! Not to mention all of the biscuits/ cereal bars i ate. I made SW chips and home made burgers for tea but considering the rest of the day hadn't been on plan i don't think it meant anything that it was slimming world friendly! It was a statuary holiday on Monday here in Canada so it meant i was home, i had non-slimming world friendly blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream :eek: then frozen yogurt, candy coated pretzels and alot of sweets on top of my main meals! SO i'm drawing line.

    Yesterday was really good, I stuck with plan and by this morning I'd managed to loose 2 of the 3 pounds i gained over the long weekend. It'd be nice if i could loose the other 1 pound gained plus an extra in time for weigh-in on Saturday morning. Think i just need to take it one day at a time and not worry too much. I just get into these weird mindsets of having to eat things if they are available to me (especially if they are sweet), as if somehow i think i will never be able to eat them again........ One day at a time!

    Today so far, i have had:
    Breakfast - Fiber 1
    Snack - Banana and a Kiwi
    Lunch - SW Chili and an apple
  10. Emma119

    Emma119 Member

    So today is going well. Admittedly i can be a bit of a serial weigher...... so this morning i hopped on the scale and it was back to 10stn4 (back to Saturdays weigh-in weight), so i have today and tomorrow to make a good effort to have a loss this Saturday.
    Today's food so far:
    Breakfast: fiber 1 HEXB
    Snack - banana
    Lunch - Roast beef sandwich on wholemeal roll HEXB +1.5 (bread roll larger than 57g) + 2.5 for butter/ Kiwi fruit and a nectarine
    Snack - Cherries

    Tea will be SW Chili with roast cauliflower
    Feeling alot more positive today:)
  11. Emma119

    Emma119 Member

    Luckily this weekend went alot better than last. Weigh-in result was 10 stn 3 :) I'm aiming to loose 1 pound a week and anything else will be a bonus. Feeling very hungry today. I do have lots of fruit with me but I'm a bit worried if i should be eating so much of it?!

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