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and another newbie ...

Hi all
Just read a lot of posts, lots of geat advice and encouragement! I am starting the diet tomorrow - being Monday and all that:)
Taken a while to get over the shock of being told I'm clinically obese :( but prepared to make a change ... and joining this forum is one of the first steps (no one else really knows either how heavy I really am, or about the tablets)
So here goes :)

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No one else knew about the tablets or my weight either, i was too ashamed!! You have take the first step to a new you now, you will get there. There is loads of support on here too, i am on here all the time, its what helps to keep me going!!

good luck :D


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Welcome to the forum! Coming on here often definitely helps with the motivation, and Rach is right, you'll soon get to know what you can and can't have! :)

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
hiya hun and welcome. :)

i'm sure you will do just fine. :)

the 5 g per 100 really opens your eyes to why you were putting on weight :eek:... and the thought of what happens if you do go over is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow :eek::eek:

keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on ;)
Definately agree with the opening your eyes to that amount of fat I was eating !! First few days have been quite difficult to find anything that's ok to eat (ie everything I wanted was way over the 5g).
And this morning has been an 'experience' I would rather not repeat, perhaps my system is getting used to the tablets?
Obviously weighing myself every day - no difference yet....but early days I know... my fat is very stubbon :)

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
i went to aldi yesterday and got a jar of s/sour with less than 5.

i also got some french toast which is low cos i really need to have something to crunch once in a while. :rolleyes:

and i got some low fat soft cheese to spread on it so i was quite happy.

you can eat beans or spaghetti on toast as well.

keep at it hun and we will all soon be skinny minnies :D
not sure about the beans :)
but spaghetti would be ok
have been eating pretzels and trying to convince myself they are just as nice as crisps (not really working)
still having a slim fast for breakfast as I have trouble eating first thing - obviously I make up for it later on in the day !! Does anyone know if they are within the 5g rule, I think they are, but with a weight gain this week, maybe I'm wrong

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I've just bought a lot of Slim Fast stuff as I want to give it a try, but I think (don't quote me though, I'm not 100% sure!) the powdered shakes are about 6% fat before you add the milk? So not too much over, I doubt you'd get side effects from it. The ready-to-drink shakes are about 2% fat so they'll be ok, but all of the snacks and meal bars are over the 5% rule, so I'd avoid them!

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