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and another reason for losing weight ..... so I stop treading on Daisy the Rescue Dog

Well, she's pretty small and very quiet, and with my large stomach, I haven't been able to look down and see my feet for a very long time, so ...... as she is seemingly glued to my left ankle ..... you get the picture :eek:

She will be so happy when I can actually see her and she stops getting trodden on :( If my insert picture thingy works, this is Daisy, not sure what size it will be or whether I can do this yet ? but here she is - hopefully
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Still fighting
Hee hee glued to foot ;o)

She looks so cute too - did you rescue her or is she in need of being rescued from you? Lol only joking hun x
Hi Trace, she's a lovely 8 year old Rescue Centre doggie. My first dog Bub died last year 1st May. Everyone loved her. A brain the size of a planet, she was a tri-colour collie cross. She was only 5 with massive lung tumours. I felt as if my heart had been crushed, said never again, lasted two weeks, and Hello Daisy :p She was frightened of everyone (expecially men - wise girl !) and everything and it took weeks to get a lead on her or stroke her. She had been very badly treated.:cry:

She has had nearly a year of love and constant attention. Every day her personality is showing more. She is in love with a beagle named Morse and has blossomed in just the last few months, so worth all the effort :p

She'll be even happier when I stop treading on her !!


Still fighting
Awww where would we be without are pets - I've got 2 lurchers and 2 jack russels and 3 cats and OH got his pigeons too ;oO

Love um all except the pigeons - birds are not my thing - at least with dogs or cats they give unconditional love and don't answer back ;o)) xxx
aw how sweet-nina the rescue cat does it the other way around- trips me over rather than be trodden on!!! suspect she is after my life insurance to be kept in the life of luxury she seems to want to become accustomed to
suspect she is after my life insurance

and mommyB, Daisy is actually written into my will ! I spent years thinking Bub would outlive me and worrying about what would happen to her. That was one of the reasons I chose an older model (sorry Daisy :p xx) as a Rescue ! Blimey, that sounds like I'm about to push up the Daisies (sorry Daisy :p) I hope I'm not ... just yet !


Needs a kick
I love the pic, what a cutie how could anyone mistreat Daisy.

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