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I'm embarrassed writing this as I have started soooo many threads on here over the years, with the usual this is the last time blah blah blah stuff. At the time I thought it really was going to be the last time I dieted and lost all the weight but, it never seemed to happen. I don't think it was just my lack of will power, life got in the way for me.

So many things have happened since I started trying to lose weight around 4 years ago that every time I seem to get anywhere I take a huge step back. I was already overweight when I started university in 2009, weighing 14 stone and a size 16. I met my partner a few months in and the combination of lots of date nights, treats and boozy nights out saw my weight go up to 16 stone in the first year ughhh. Over the next three years at uni I was very conscious of my weight and did try to stick to diets numerous times but, nothing seemed to work and I finished in June 2013 at 16 and a half stone size 18/20.

My boyfriend and I moved in together a month later and I really started eating healthily. The routine of being at work and in a place where I couldn't nip out and buy treats gave me no choice for most of the day. In the first month or two I lost half a stone but....... then found out we were having a surprise baby! Thank god the pregnancy went well and we now have a happy healthy 3 year old boy. I kept the weight gain to a minimum and after having him was 17 stone 4 pounds. It took until he was around 5 months old for me to really acknowledge how my weight was getting me down again. I started slimming world and lost a stone by xmas, but staying with family for two weeks knocked me off and I put a pile on.

Since then we have moved countries twice between Ireland and England and had another baby girl. My weight staying around 17 stone for a couple of years but, went up to 18 stone by the time I was ready to pop. Since having her I have lost 2 stone, the first stone came off within a week of having her but, the rest has been slimming world. I fell off the wagon at the start of August when family came to stay for a week and it really set me back. Although I have lost the weight I put on during my set back my weight has stalled.

I am trying but, I know I am not sticking to it 100%. I'm not writing things down and I am having the odd binge when I go around to the shop in the evening for pick a mix. I think i'm tricking myself into believing I am on plan when I know deep down its not. For example, I will go out for lunch and get a salad but I will eat the coleslaw etc. and not count the syns. This is an improvement for me as usually I would be a burger & chips kind of person.

The scary thing is that our wedding is getting closer and closer and the dress I brought doesn't fit. I have just over 4 months until we get married and the dress is 2 sizes too small. This may seem do-able but I know it will need to fit by end of October, if not I am going to have to see about having it altered in some way. This will give a chance to buy something else if all else fails during November.

I don't want to just have it taken out to fit me because I know on the day I will feel like shite, I want to give it my best shot. There are 18 weeks to go and each week that I arse around is putting me about 2 pounds heavier on my wedding day aghhh.

This really is my last shot and not being a fat bride! I was using Instagram but i'm rubbish at remembering to take pictures and instead find myself just nosying at other peoples diaries. Hopefully this will keep me more accountable and help me stick to things a bit better.

Sorry for the huge post!
So far today I have had:

Mullerlight greek style blueberry - free
Orange - speed

Plan for the rest of the day....
2 egg omelette with 2 rashers of bacon, mushrooms, spinach and peppers with a side salad.

Spaghetti bolognaise loaded with speed - mushrooms, onion, peppers, tomatoes and spinch and brocolli on the side

I had a major binge last night which led to me starting this thread, 3 mars bars, pick a mix, everything I could get my hands on basically!

Sooooo, no more syns for me for a few days.

I'm going to be weighing on Friday. I always find if I over syn at the weekend it helps to have a Friday weigh in as I can cut down on syns for the rest of the week to make up for it!
I know its not the end of the day yet but, I am feeling so good about making better choices today. I ended up having to rush out to go to a mum and baby thing so no time to make lunch. Instead I had two weetabix and splash of milk as hexb and some of hexa, and another free yoghurt. While out and sat in a soft play place with a mcdonalds like cafe I had a coffee with splash of milk and a packet of crisps (only thing I could find that I could be sure of syns.... literally nothing slimming world friendly haha). On the way home I was still hungry so grabbed an apple in the petrol station.

I am soooo looking forward to dinner tonight!
Didn't get a chance to update yesterday as was in and out of the house until about 9.

Yesterdays menu....

About 11 I had leftover spag bol.
2 o'clock I took the little man for a happy meal after food shopping but only had a diet coke and a fruit bag, I did steal a chicken nugget from him though haha.
Dinner was a jacket potato with cheese, bacon and fried onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Tesco have the tins of xmas sweets on offer 2 for 7 pounds, i caved last night and had a handful aghhh. I knew that if they were in the house I would keep picking at them so we brought them to my father in laws house with us last night.

I had a cheeky weigh this morning and I am 2 pounds down wahooo.,will be weighing in tomorrow officially. A few weeks ago I got down to 15.11 but, then had an off week and put 3 on so hoping to be back down to that tomorrow.

Goal for next week is to hit 15.8, fingers crossed!

I'm working from home this morning while the boy is at playschool. I have found a mum and baby group which starts after playschool nearby so am going to give that a go. Most of the things locally seem to be on at 10-12 for parents with small babies but, I have been searching for something which I can take both of mine too. I always get nervous going to these sorts of things but I know I have to push myself to get to know people here. In ireland everyone seems to know each other, even in the park it is like they have known each other their whole lives, I feel lonely! Hopefully it will make them both sleep so I can get a bit more work done this afternoon. Roll on the weekend!
Good luck! :D You have a major goal to focus on, which does make sticking to it a bit easier! :)