Dreamingmaid's Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself And Do Something About It Diary!


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Hi there,

As you can tell from the title, I am utterly fed up with the stories I keep telling myself about how I can't lose this weight and be happy.
And yes, I know being slim won't necessarily make anybody happy, but I'm quite self-aware in knowing how much this extra weight upsets me and makes me depressed.

I have lost weight previously, I know I can do it, but for some reason, I won't let myself. I end up bingeing and even debating whether to just accept and love myself exactly where I am now, aka body positivity. But I can't. It's true that what you resist persists and the idea of giving up on being slim and healthy is just a big no-no for me.

I am currently 12st 10.4lbs and I would love to get to around 10 stone. My first target is to lose a stone by Christmas, which is only 7 weeks away!

I have an exercise aversion but my wonderful husband bought me a gym membership a while back and I only ever used it a handful of times, so this week I have booked a class for every evening. I want to work on my fitness level first and then hire a PT to start lifting.

I am starting at 1,200 calories which is low I know, but that may also change in time. First I just want to get into a routine and work out what will work best for me.

So this is my opening post, I used to use Mini's a lot years ago and I can see that it is very quiet now, but this is for me and anyone interested in following my transformation and journey.

I will update my food and exercise as I go.
Brilliant first day, managed to keep to my calorie limit, and didn't find it a struggle at all

Breakfast Bran Flakes with Red Berries and Skimmed Milk. 225

Homemade Spicy Bean Chilli 346

Sweet Potato Jacket with Tuna, Sweetcorn and Salad 355

KitKat Chunky & Simmed Milk For Tea and Coffee 286

1216 Calories

Exercise 45 minute Spin Class 🚲
9,000 Steps

Really pleased with my first day, my body is not used to exercise as I had really bad stomach pains after the spin class but it went after an hour or so.

Look forward to day 2

All good today, legs seem ok after last night's spinning session. I was worried they'd be really achy today but thankfully not.

Have to say, even though I've now done 2 days straight, my mind feels so decluttered.
I was really starting to suffer mentally, not just because I was neglecting my health but I was also struggling to concentrate at work, felt up and down emotionally (daily), and just overall sad and also anxious.
I had terrible anxiety, especially in the morning. No matter what I did to try and relax in the evening, I would wake with overwhelming anxiety and a sense of dread. Since cleaning up my diet and adding exercise I have noticed a huge difference. The past 2 mornings have been so much better.

I'm feeling super motivated and embracing the changes.

Breakfast Golden Syprup Oats with Bluberries and Skimmed Milk. 240

Chicken Katsu Curry (The Gym Kitchen) 276

Smoked Haddock, 2 Poached Eggs and Mushrooms 390

KitKat Chunky, 2 Satsumas & Skimmed Milk For Tea and Coffee 318

1224 Calories

Exercise C25K (Week 1)
8,000 Steps