And off we go again.....



Was a regular member on here a couple of yrs ago..... I started at over 20st. In march 2011 I started doing sw at home and in 6 months I lost 71lbs. I felt so good bout myself and had so much confidence.

I struggled over xmas 2011 and had an operation in March 2012. I ate everything in sight and over the following year I gained a whopping 3 stone back!!!!! :eek:

Roll on jan 2013 and I rejoined sw but started going to class. I lost 2.5 stone in 4 minths and again gave up after that... I was only 8lbs off my lightest and thought i could go it alone again.... I was wrong. I struggled all of last year and the beginning of this year, I have gained and lost the same stone since last summer. :banghead:

So enough is enough! Here I am again.. I rejoined group this morning and this is it for me. No more yoyoing. I know I can do it for myself and I need to do it for myself. As you can see I am just messing round with sw for the past couple of years and not staying fully on track.

Hubby and I would love to have a baby and after a year of trying we have started tests to see if there are any issues. I am positive my weight is not helping us and for that reason alone should be enough of a kick up the ass for me to stay on plan.

I found minis so helpful last time round so have decided to get a diary up and running. Will post my food and update daily... I promise. All support and encouragement is much appreciated.

Here goes!!!!....... :)
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Watch this space...
Helloooooo :)

Welcome back xx


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Welcome back. This time it's yours, you can do it!! x


Thanks so much stevie... heres hoping it really is my time

I work shifts and for me preparation is key. Working 12hr shift tomoro so need to sort my food out or it will be another day wasted. Im thinking of marinading some prawns and having them in a big salad tomoro? Have a mugshot in my bag and lots fruit


Ah thanks so much Stevie.

I do shift work so preparation is the key for me. Was thinking of marinading some prawns and doing a prawn noodle salad for dinner tomoro. Have mugshots in my bag and fruit ready to go.



Heres hoping lisa :eek:

So food for today

Brekkie (before first wi)
Large bar galaxy!! :mad::eek:

Veg soup
Wm Bread hexb

Mash with a little butter


Tomoro is a new day and will have a hell of a lot less syns than today!
Just cooking up my food for tomoro so am well prepped to minimise temptation.

Need to start upping my water intake. I am a demon for coke zero so rule from tomoro is 1 can of coke zero per day but only after i have drank 2litres water


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Saw you on the bit of craic thread!

Best of luck to you hun you can do this we are all here for motivation and a good ole kick if you need it.

When is your first weigh in?


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Hi all hope u are all well... and good luck in your weight loss :)

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Hey all

So sorry i havent posted.... busy few weeks. Hubby had operation and i was up and down to dublin. And my fulltime job mixed in!

So i wi last tues evening and was delighted, 5.5lbs down. It gave me some mega motivation for the coming week. Feeling really determined atm.

Using my syns for nice food rather than for choc or crisps, like having a little cream in coffee or sauce for dinner etc.

I didnt have treat after wi on wed, it just sets me off on a bad road so best i just treat it like another night.

Food for today

Muller greek youg 0.5syns

Ham Salad with fat free dressing
Wm bread hexb

Fillet steak
Sw chips
Rocket, roast red pepper salad with parmasean hexa

Punnet blackberries
Punnet strawberries
Cream for coffee 3syns
Low low cheese and cracker snack pack 8 syns

Grocery shopping done so lots of sfree food to snack on.