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And this weeks weight loss is... (drum roll...)


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Dont give up - you have done amazingly well! What has your CDC said? Offered any reason why it might have slowed down? Are you having the bars alot? I only ask as I was told these can slow down weight loss as some of them are higher in carbs than others and can kick you out of ketosis???


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Hi Nade,

Drum Roll ))))))))))))))))50lb off!!!:happy096:

Well done!

I am sure you are feeling a difference in your clothes.:confused:

Love Mini xxx
Hi Nade,

I didn't have as much as you to lose when I was on LL last year but towards the end of the 3 month SS phase, my weight loss slowed down until week 10, when out of the blue I lost 11 lbs in one week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even the LL counsellor was gobsmacked!

So hang in there girl - it will shift - it's just a bit stubborn.

If only it was as hard to put it on - aint life a b****?!!!!
it the end u will get their it will happen


Must do it this time
its still a pound in the right direction hun,you are doing fantastically so dont get disheartened,keep up the great work,
elaine x


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look out for the one little pound post somewhere. it's great. a lb is a lb is a lb. it's a good thing that it's gone. and as said previously, you'll probably get a whoosh all of a sudden :D

abz xx
A pound is a bag of sugar you know so thats great!!!
be proud and stand tall x
Hi Nade:)

A lb off is better than on.

And wow 50lb down:)

You have done fabulously well and must be so pleased with your achievement.



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I lost 1lb this week and 1lb last week too:(

You have done brilliantly and should feel so proud of yourself.

Our bodies are strange things and never react how we think they should - maybe it has slowed because you are nearing BMI 25 so its hanging onto the lbs??

I have now moved up the steps to see if I can kick start my losses again because of this.

Maybe you should think about SS+?

Don't be disheartened - it will come off (the problem on CD is that it comes off so quickly to start with that we get impatient:))

You have done amazingly well - Well Done.


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Thanks for all your kind comments, they have really helped and I promise, no giving up! I just have a weekend away atthe end of August and I want to get down to tartget by then, but mostly, I want to get down to target and be eating again, by the time I go on Holiday at the end of September.

It is weird, I am quite a slow loser, since week two I have lost between 2.5 and 3.5 lb per week, very more never less and now, all of a sudden, things have gone to a crawl.

I wont give up, I promise you all! But this holiday is really important to me and been my focus for this diet. I just hope I can do it in time.

Thanks again, you are all so kind!

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