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Andyfofo's 2011 LL diary



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Good on you for being sensible and coming back to plan before too much damage was done. go for it x

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Good Luck on your weight loss journey
Thanks for all the support messages!:) though im quite worried about t in the park in 3 weeks time, im tempted to come off for it as it is the highlight of my summer since im working, but even if I don’t you can’t take any containers from the campsite into the arena, so taking a shaker is out, I don’t even know if they sell water… there was nhs guys with backpacks last time handing out those tiny little cups you get at water machines, they were free, but if your near a stage it would be pretty much useless as it would be gone in a few minutes, even if it was warm…
Just checked with my mate and you can get bottled water in some vans, so I’ll just need to take a spork with me and try and get them to give me a plastic cup to mix my shakes I guess… if I do stick to it! decisions, decisions...
Welcome, take bars with you, then they are on hand when u need them!
Good luck
thanks! :) the only problem is your in the arena from midday - 1 in the morning so its three packs worth and you can only have one bar a day :( they don't even
let you keep the lid on the bottles of water you buy in case you throw it at performers/security/other members of the crowd, etc.
Day 1 Weight: 14 stones 11lbs, BMI: 31

Weight Loss This Week: 0lbs

Weight Loss So Far:0 lbs

Left To Goal Weight: 4 stones 11 lbs

Weekly Achievement: started doing my 15 mile round commute by bike each day :happy036:... my legs. are. agony. :( but it feels good in a weird sorta way :D


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Just for thst day, I would eat 3 bars and none the rest of the week. Alteratively, I bought a couple of sports bottles in asda for £2 each, i put the shake in and when I'm out, buy the warer and shake like mad! Then you could have shakes! I used this method at work for the first week as not telling anyone I'm on LL!
Good luck!
good luck on ur journey x
Weigh in tonight… slightly apprehensive as I cheated on Saturday L checked my uni emails to see I’d failed one of my core modules, so I got rather stressed out about my admission to honours…

But im resitting it and back on the shakes, as they say its not the falling down… it’s the getting back up that makes you who you are, so we’ll see how much I’ve lost…
Week 1 Weigh In: 14 stones 5 lbs, BMI: 30

Weight loss for the week: 6lbs

Weight loss so far: 6 lbs

Left to go: 4 stones 5 lbs

feeling better now, stuck to it 100%, cycled 16 mile round trip to work today, and will be starting the gym tomorrow night aswell! :)
i lost another 6 pounds this week! :D but i may have to move to exante, just got my wage slip and i've been underpaid again this month, that almost £600 i'm owed now :mad:, bloody council, ahh they can :kissass:
it just doesn't seem feasible at the moment, with the gas bill etc all coming in this month :mad:

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