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Annoying comments!


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Hi guys, as you probably know i was unsure about when to stop LT but decided to keep going to 11 and a half stone. However i am constantly being told that i should stop now! My mum and my bf seem to think i have lost enough now and that i look fine. I know its great that they think i look good but bloody hell is it not up to me when i am happy to stop?!

Maybe they dont understand that i will gain on refeed but i have explained, anyway i just wanted to moan to somebody.

Thanks guys xxxxx
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The best thing to do is just ignore them you know when its enough Tell them to leave you alone but then again there probably just a bit worried that you will take it to far but you know your own mind !! Do you know it seems to me that because we are fat people can just pass comment after comment like your getting big then when you do something about it they either make comments like ooo dont give all your clothes away cos you dont know if your gonna put it all back on !!! thats the comment i got from my sister the other day !!!! and then you get the ones your gettin now i just wonder will the comments ever end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hi tracey

my OH is doing the same with me .. its probably cause theyre worried that itll go too far (which obviously it wont) but its only through concern on their part. just take it with a pinch of salt and carry on til your happy with what you want to do..thats what i intend to do

you say that you gain weight on refeed...is that always the case or is it until your body is used to you eating food again?

h xx
aww babe, just take it easy & hang in there, its completely normal, when we are overweight they only want the best for us, which is to look good and be healthy, and now after we lost most the weight but not our ideal, they also still want the best for us, so just be patient, and take their comments when they see that you are completely happy with yourself it will make them happy too. my family have tried convincing me to stop too, or more like start eating just a bit cuz exams are comin up real soon, but im sooo adamant to stick this through till i reach my goal of 9 stones. And i know that if i just listen to their comments and dont let it get to me ill be aight, cuz ive defined and set my own goals, so no one should get in the way of them... if that makes any sense lol!
hang in there! ur doin fabulous!!


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U Stop When U Feel Ready!! 11.5 Stone Is Still A Healthy Weight And It's Not Like Your Asking To Be 8 Stone!!!!!!!! Carry On Until You Feel U Want To Stop, You Have Acheived So Much On This Diet And If You U Have Not Completed Your Journey Yet Carry On!!!!


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tracy your family obviously love you lots the thing is they have seen you at your biggest and as you have now lost lots and lots of weight they are seeing that too but ultimatly its up to you ! try explaining that although you are a lot thinner you dont feel that you are quite happy with your results yet and that why you have done such a hard job in loosing all the weight you have to do this last bit for you xx


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Cheers guys for the support, i just felt very annoyed especially with my bf! He hasne been the most supportive throughout this diet and now he has lots to say! Anyway ive told them straight that i have about another stone to go and then i will stop. I know they care but not as much as i do xxx
Hi Tracy,

You're doing this diet for you and only you so carry on until you feel you should stop!

Oi, what do you mean bf :( I thought I was the only one!;) I think you should carry on until your happy, dont forget about those press ups together, the lighter the better.:D XXXXXXXXX

Deb G

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Listen only to yourself. I wanted to get to 9 stone (which everyone said was to low) and now I am 8st7 as with LL we tend to keep losing for the first few weeks of management, followed by a steady regain of about 5-7 pounds by the end. This will mean that I will end up being 9stone again - but try explaining that to everyone you see who says "Ooh, you're looking so BONEY!" And with my BMI being under 20 now, it means people think they have the right to tell you off - even though I know exactly what I am doing!

Ignore it - do what's best for you. Sounds like a healthy weight to me - you'll know when to stop!
I think some comments come from 'others' inability to handle your weight loss. For instance, my best friend has always been on the heavy side but recently she has dropped to a size 8. She grew up in a home where her mom was obsessed about her weight and how skinny she was. I have memories of only ever seeing her mom in leotards and exercise stuff growing up. Anways, my friend is now skinnier than her mom and when her mom saw this she had an absolute rage as she couldn't handle her porky daughter now being smaller than her.

I know I've always been the smallest in my family and I recently saw that my mom was skinnier than me and it spurned me into action.

Family and friends use you to define themselves and I think this can be a source of the comments - jealousy, sabotage etc.


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garry i was talking about you silly!!!

Cheers guys and your right 11.5 stone is hardly skinny is it. Its because im tall but still come on!! x


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Good girl for setting everyone straight, you definitely know your own mind and are losing weight sensibly, being monitored at the pharmacy etc. Once your family get used to the new slim you and see how happy you are they will stop moaning. I think your doing brilliantly, you go girl. xx
Only you will know when you feel "right". When I first did LT, I lost 11.5lbs in the first week (I was 18st 11 - so only just got into the 17s) and my mum said "I think you've lost enough now, perhaps you should stop" wtf! Needless to say, I ignored her. You have to get to where you want, where you are happy, then you will NEVER have to do it again. Otherwise you will be constantly thinking "what if" and that's no good xxx


Back on the wagon!
The reality is Tracey - its not like you really cant totally overdo it even if you wanted to. The another part of why you are weighed each week is to ensure that your BMI doesnt drop too far....so as other have said....you will know when you are comfortable.....


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Wow Scot thankyou, bloody hell you know how to make a girl feel better!! xxx
Eclipse you are so right i dont want to stop and wonder what if xxx


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Hiya Tracey,

I'm glad you have put everyone right now nd you know yourself that they mean well, but I totally understand why it upsets you. It annoys me a bitty when people keep saying - ooh there will be nothing left of you soon, or your thin enough now, you have lost so much I would just stop. ARGH!!!!!!! I mean for god sakes, am hardly skinny am a size 14 (which by the way for me feels skinny) but in reality am still a big birD! aM 5ft 4inch and should really be under 10 stone not blinking 11 st 10.5 lbs!! Anyway, am just relishing i the fact that people think am obvioulsy looking grand but thinkng to myself how grand I'll really look when I get off this next stone! Woo Hoo roll on! Keep going hun, and let us know how your sexy little number goes down tonight! xx xx


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thanks honey, you're right its great to be told that we look great but also it doesnt help!! Im still size 14-16 bottom, hardly thin is it. Think my bf is just disappointed mu boobd are shrinking hahaha!

Wish me luck for tonight im scared!!! Just bought some tights now to cover the whiteness lol Most of the people there have not seen me since i started the diet so should be interesting xx

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