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Hello everyone my name is Rachael and I have yet again re joined ww.
I attend a Thursday night meeting so will update on Thursday night/Friday morning.
My weight was 15st 9.5lbs and I have 34 daily sp and 42 weekly sp.

Day 1.
B - 400ml skimmed milk for the day 5sp. I didn't have chance to grab breakfast as I started tidying the kitchen and it went from washing the pots to wiping down to clearing out the cupboards lol.

L - 2 x thick Hovis white bread 7sp, 2 x egg 4sp, 1 tbsp of Tesco lighter than light mayo 1sp.

T - ww chicken tikka curry 10sp

drinks during the day was tea and coffee out of my milk allowance diet lemonade and cordial.

34 daily sp used, 0 weekly sp used and 6 fp earned.

pudding was 1/2 pot of Tesco's low fat custard 3sp, banana, fiber one lemon cake 4sp.
I also walked the dog for 1 hour so for yesterday I earned 7 fps (5719 steps)
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Day 2.
B - 400ml milk for the day 8 sp, grated apple, asda smart price low fat yogurt 100g 2sp, alpen no added sugar muesli 45g 6sp,

L - banana. I went swimming with the kids and had a late breakfast but by the time I got back it was nearly tea time.

T - pinapple, chips 100g cooked 5sp, beans Heinz reduced sugar 200g 4sp, egg 2sp, gammon steak raw 125g 4sp.

snack have been 2 x doritos 9sp, strawberries and grapes, 4 x ww strawberry toffee 4sp, coke zero, 150ml jim beam apple 12sp.

34 daily sp used and 19 weekly sp used and 7 fp earned.

drinks have been tea and coffee and diet drinks.

exercise has been walking and pottering about and stepping on my wi step 5010 steps 7fp.
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hi holiday dieter thank you x you reminded me about crumpets when I was reading your diary :eat: I so can not wait to get some.
Crumpets are my staple on weight watchers!! Have you tried bagel thins? They're really nice and less points than normal bagels x
oh yes omg I love this way of eating I just have to remind myself to have 1 or 2 but not the packet lol
Day 3.
B - 400ml milk 5sp, 2 x kingsmill no crust bread 3sp, 2 x bacon medallions 1sp, egg 2sp, mushrooms and Heinz reduced sugar ketchup and half a grapefruit 0sp.

L - 4 x ryvita 5 sp, 150g low fat cottage cheese 2sp, pineapple and cucumber, mini twister 2sp.

T - 1 bag 150g frozen micro rice (Tesco) 6sp, 150g chicken 2sp, asda curry sauce 9sp, 2 x ww sweets 2sp and sunbites popcorn 2sp.

34 daily sp used and 7 weekly sp used and 8 fp earned.

drinks will be tea and coffee and diet drinks
exercise will be stepping at home and pottering about cleaning.
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Haha! I really thought I wouldn't lose anything with being allowed crumpets, thins and bagels - but if you control portions it really works. I hated the lack of bread on slimming world lol :)
Haha! I really thought I wouldn't lose anything with being allowed crumpets, thins and bagels - but if you control portions it really works. I hated the lack of bread on slimming world lol :)
Yeah I must admit I did do slimming world many moons ago and it did work I ate plenty but I had 3 part times jobs per day where I was really active but I also use to go to boxing classes, aqua aerobics and the gym. so everything I took in I just burnt it all off but that was before having children. but since having my children weight watchers works better for me. I lost over 2 stone a couple of years ago and wasn't far from goal but I changed my job to working at Morrison's on the checkouts and lost the plot with food and seeing things that came trough the till that normally I wouldn't look for. so eventually I got out of there and I'm back working 2 part time jobs and i've just recently qualified as a TA so I'm doing 1:1 for 2 hours everyday and studying for my level 3 and I'm school cleaning for 3 hours a day every evening but love it as you move quite a bit.
Day 4.

B - milk 400 ml 5sp, 100g low fat yogurt 2sp, 22g alpen no added sugar 3sp, Tesco fruit breakfast topper (frozen).

L - 2 x no crust bread 3sp, 40g mozzarella 4sp, 2 x eggs 4sp,

T -salad, 2 x chicken chargrills 8sp, dressing 2 x tbsp. 1sp.

snacks have been 4 x small bottle of larger 7sp, low fat custard 1/2 pot 3sp, fiber one cake 4sp and 2 x ww sweets 2sp.

34 daily used and 12 weekly used and 26 fp earned.

I took the dog out for a 3 hour walk through the woods and took 20,072 steps (I carnt believe it)

drinks have been diet drinks and my milk in tea and coffee.
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