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Hi there everybody,

I am not new to the whole weightloss/dieting/slimming club experience in the slightest, however I am new to Weight Watchers specifically.

But saying that, I am currently on the fence as to whether to sign up to WW right now online, and just try it for a month. I really want to do it and the thought actually excites me but I have a few questions before I jump right in. I know I have probably started the thread in the wrong place but I didn't know where to go.

Firstly, what is actually free and what is not? Can I have unlimited fruit and vegetables (apart from the usual like coconut etc)? Or do they have an SP value too? Is there a milk allowance, or a fibre allowance, like Slimming World, or is everything assigned to points?
I'm not complaining about it, if it has a value then that is absolutely fine and I'm looking forward to a change, I just can't find a proper breakdown anywhere online when I've tried googling what the plan actually fully consists of.

I know you get your own unique point value, I just don't know what is free and doesn't need counting, such as fruits, veggies and meat?

Really want to get signed up tonight for a start tomorrow so if someone could just give me a round up summary of what the plan consists of I'd be grateful and could get on my way and make meal plans for tomorrow!

(also what is the difference between propoints and smartpoints? I thought WW just used SP now?)
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