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another newbie

:) just thought id say a high to everyone on here , i satrted the LT
yesterday and would have come to say hi to you all then but couldnt
work the bloody site out :eek:
Any ways im here now i have finally worked it out :rolleyes:

Its is my second day today and seems to be going well , im not actually
hugry just feel the need to actually eat and chew if you know what i mean ??????? im sure that will make sense to you all :)
Not to keen on the drinks mind you ,the soup i find vile to the point it
makes me gip , but the milk shakes i can cope with , so it looks like ill
be sticking to just those !!!!!!!!!!!
well thats me done ant way ill keep popping on and updating on the progress, by the way just wanted to say , been reading through all the threads and bloody hell well done you lot x deb x
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Hi Deb,

Good luck. I agree the soup is vile. I stick to Chocolate mainly. When I fancy a change I'll have a strawberry and very rarely a vanilla. We are all different. Get through the first three days. For some reason days 3 and 5 were the worst for me. Once in ketosis its a LOT easier.

Good luck hun.
HIya deb
welcome to minimins. without this site theres noway i cud cope with LT on my own. i totally agree bout the soup, the flapjacks r even worse, but there r a few ppl on here who love them!! the 1st 2 wks r really hard but seein the weight fall off is well worth it. Good luck. Jus keep comin on here wenever u feel the urge to eat, the support on here is amazin!
hi Deb,
sounds like you are having a great start to all this - fab!!
the chewing thing i completly get!! i solved it by having a few flapjacks - i really enjoyed the chewing thing with them but after one a day for a week i couldn't stomach them anymore - vile - but worth it to get the chewing out of my system!!
my other half has just started this (on Monday) and he is feeling better than he has for yonks - and seems to have got through the dicey day 3 and 4 with ease - sounds like you could too!
good on ya for saying hi on here - everything gets nattered about and its great!
good luck for the rest of your first week and a fab loss!
hi deb..welcome :)

i have to say that whilst doing LT your tastes will probably change..i started off hating the soup and the flapjacks and now i look forward to them once a day..i tend to mix them in with the shakes and it does give a bit of a change (a bit!) but as long as it gets you to where you want to be at the end of the day...lighter and happier...thats all thats matters :)

everyone is a great support on here..and i agree with pinkbaileys24..without it id be off the wagon now i know :)

h xx
Hi Deb,

Like you I also started yesterday! Finding it ok apart from the chewing thing too.. can't wait for the first week to be over.

Good luck Lady, you'll love it:( well the end result anyway:D Your first weigh in will kick start you good and proper.........Enjoy!;)
Welcome and good luck Deb! Sounds like you have a great attitude to do that...bring on weigh day!! x
You jealous Toni?!

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