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Any advice for the first week?

G: 9st12lb
Hi everyone,

Firstly I just wanted to say hello! :wavey:

I'm starting Lipotrim on Thursday. I've got quite a lot to lose (6-7 stones to be precise!:eek:) and just wondered if you have any advice or tips on ways to get through the first week?

The stories on here are so inspiring. You all seem to be doing brilliantly! Keep up the good work. Hopefully I'll be joining you soon! :)

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Welcome Becci,

You are doing very well as I see you have nearly your first week done! Drinking your water throughout the day is the main one from me.

I see your weight tracker has not come up...have you picked the bb code for here?

You might not have all of the code with you, so if you go back to the tickerfactory site and copy the code again and paste it into your signature.

Good luck with your weight loss journey!

Love Mini xxx
G: 9st12lb
Hi Mini! Thanks for your support! I haven't actullay started yet - start on Thursday but hopefully I will be doing well come this time next week! (fingers crossed)

Thanks for letting me know about the tracker - I will have another go! ;)

Thanks again Mini xx
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Hi welcome to the forum. I tink the major thing in the first week is water like mini said. It really does help with the hunger and everytime you feel like eating grab your water bottle. one ting i wish i had known in the first week is to crush some ice up in your shakes and always drink it within 15 mins of making it! Do you like coffee if you do throw some into either a vanilla shake or chocolate and it will make it much nicer. The shakes arent meant to be platable but it really makes it easier if you can not feel sick while drinking them. Your taste buds change within a few weeks so they will start tasting better and you will look forward to them. Just remember this is not an easy fix it is hard so expect to be starving for a while, it gets easier trust me. And when you have your first weigh in you will be so thrilled you wil realise how this diet is worth it. hope this helped. oh and your allowed tablet sweetners but not sugar type only tablets some people like them in their shakes.

Good luck with your first week and if your having a hard time come on here it really is a lifeline.


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)

Good luck for Thursday!:)

It is time for my bed me thinks!:nightf:

Love Mini xxx


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As long as you've got your head around what Lipotrim is you'll be fine. The first week is tough (and I found the second quite hard too) but you'll have really good weight losses which will see you through if you have the right attitude. I find fizzy water (not flavoured at all of course) fills me up more than regular tap water so I have that when I'm at home. Also I hope you've got a good pharmacist - I started with a terrible one, but changed and it is SO much easier if you have proper advice and encouragement from them. The best tip I have though is to keep reading this site. I have used dozens of internet forums over the years but have never found one as useful, friendly and, for me at least, indispensable as this one.

Good luck for tomorrow - let us know how you get on.

Hi Becci
This is also my first week (although I did 3 weeks on it last year).

Previously, I didn't find the first 2 weeks 'too' bad - it's tough but you know you want to stick it out and see if it works - the hardest week for me was week 3 - so I'm really determined this time.

I split my shakes up, so I can graze - as I'm normally a nibbler, rather than having 3 meals.
In the mornings, I mix half a pack of vanilla and choc (to make 1 portion). Then I use that for about 3 servings from 7am till 10ish, mixed with fresh coffee - like a poor mans mocha latte!!
Lunch I actually try and sit down twice, with a drink (coffee or water) and half a flapjack (I LOVE them, I know some people hate them).
Then I can have the other half a little later or save it for Dinner with another shake.

They're lovely blitzed with ice and ice cold water.

I'm at home all day with my new baby though, so need bits to keep me going.

Only thing I cannot stand is the chicken soup.

I know everyone says it's not palatable etc but I really don't mind the shakes or flapjacks - in fact, I think they're quite nice!

Anyway, good luck for your first week and don't worry, I have a similar amount to lose and we can only do it one week at a time.
Every shake is a step closer to your goal.
And as you said, there's some really motivational stories on here - I love seeing peoples pictures!!
I have a problem that I can only ever imagine losing a couple of stone - rather than 6 - it just seems impossible but then you see people who've lost 11st etc and it's just incredible.

Look forward to sharing your succesful journey x
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Welcome to the forum use it well and get the water down you. the weeks do fly by and looking forward to your weigh in helps. the forum is really useful and motivational. i just had a bad couple of weeks and i think the biggest thing was that i wasn't coming on here in my spare time. being on here chatting and reading peoples stories really passes the time. Another good tip is to make your choc shake using 300ml of stewed peppermint tea it is lush. well good luck for your first week remember water is the key!!
G: 9st12lb
Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for the advice! I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow and will be drinking all the water to help me get through day one!

I think part of getting through it for me will be keeping busy. My weakness is having a glass or two of wine in the evening - breaking this naughty routine will be key to me sticking with it so I'll probably be on here quite a lot! :)

Thanks again for your help. I'm at the pharmacy first thing tomorrow to get started. Looking forward to a good week and ready to face the challenges ahead as I really want to do it this time.

Will be sharing my journey with you all. Would love to know how you get on with your first week Trixiefoofoo - maybe we could help each other along? x

Thanks again everyone xx


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Hi becci welcome, log in here lots when you feel low, like others say drink that water. You wil start to feel the cold, try your shakes hot. I like the vanilla hot with coffee. Good luck with your start maybe keep this as a diary page and you will be amazed at how your losses will inspire you. :)
Would be great to motivate each other-day 4 now and in ketosis. Actually bought some keto-sticks to confirm it-just another motivational tool for me to know my bodys eating fat.

Good luck hun-lets keep pushing each other x