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Any advice?

Hiya everyone.

I'm a little embaraased to admit it but i cannot stop eating! I know i'm full and it doesnt even taste that great but i am rubbish with self controll.

I was wondereing if anyone had any tips of ways to stop myself? I know it sounds silly but it just isnt as simple as not eating anymore!

Thanks guys, if i can be of any help just give me a shout :)
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Back on the wagon!
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Been there and done that....years of overeating for me means that my body only is happy when I have that totally stuffed feeling......I went on Lipotrim for 4 months to re-educate myself to eat properly. I did also manged to get pregnant on the diet which wasnt planned but am trilled out?

Are you very overweight???
Not yet but i'm rapidly gaining weight, its a bit scary. I'd be happy if i can just maintain my current weight but if i dont stop eating thats not gonna happen! Cheers for posting back though, its nice to know its not just me. Congratulations on your pregnancy too, it must be so exciting :)


Back on the wagon!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Assume you are a girl? We tend to eat for emotional reasons....if you the underlying reasons then it could help you stop/slow down?
I'm reading a good book at the moment in the hope of stopping the binge eating myself. It basically says that all emotions are felt in the pit of your stomach and normally the bingeing is trying (unsuccessfully) to quell or quieten those emotions. It says you should say what you're feeling out loud even if you have to say it on your own somewhere (where people don't think you're going a bit loopy!!)
Then talk to yourself (in your head) and tell yourself that 'you're enough' without the food. Theres a whole load more than that but you get what I mean, its about reprogramming your brain to stop craving and bingeing.
Had a good day foodwise yesterday since starting to read it but its early days and i haven't got to the end. I'll try anything once!!
Hope your feeling better today x
That sounds good, whats the name of the book?
I did quite well yesterday but today smashed my car up and ate 7 slices of cake. I know it wont take the dents out, it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time :)
Hi there,
Sorry about the car, its bad when stuff like that happens and I would most certainly have eaten the cake too!!! Although in the long term I want to get to a place when I don't turn to food all the time.....
The book is by Marisa Peer, shes been the weight loss coach on Celebrity Fit Club - Its called 'You Can Be Thin - End Dieting Forever' it had fab reviews on amazon. I suppose its the same as anything and you have to put in some work to get the results but so far so good. Since Monday I've been eating really well, not counted calories or points or anything, haven't really snacked, have left food on my plate (unheard of!) and cooked too much for myself and not gone back for more (again unheard of!) It comes with a free hypnosis cd that you listen to at the end of the book, i'll see how it goes but hope it will end the diet-binge-diet cycle I've been on for years. Hope you do ok too. x


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Sorry to hear about your car. I have problems too with over eating, it is a pain, last night i stuffed myself silly, i was not even hungry to be honest. I have ordered the paul mekenna books - i can make you thin and the 90 day success book, I am hoping that it will help, i have heard good things about it, i've tried everything else so i might as well try that. it's worth a try right. reviews on amazon are good.


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Wow I do this too...it's a right pain! If I get annoyed/upset anything...its 'what's in the fridge that's full of yummy badness'...It's really hard to stop doing it when you have done for so long, but one thing I've found that helps is to swap the food...Instead of chocolate, I now have an apple with yogurt which is way better and lasts longer too :) It's kinda tough to begin with but now it's become a habit :)

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