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Any age restriction on SW ?

Hi, I'm no expert on this but I really can't see why her 12 year old can't join with her - after all it's done under parental supervision - we have a school girl that comes in to get weighed in my class and her mum comes along with her.

The diet is so easy! On a red day - you can basically eat as much meat (ham, chicken, beef, lamb, fish etc) as you want, providing any visible fat has been removed and it's not cooked in fat! A green day is pasta and potatoes (jacket spuds are fab and fill you up - and you can have a tin of beans on it too!!) Most, if not all, fruit and veg are free so you can eat them until you are full. You can beat as many muller lite yoghurts as you want (tesco have a cheaper "like for like" yoghurt). To be honest, about the only thing I ever measure out is my cereal in the morning and my milk allowance for the day. You can have what are known as healthy B options - which will allow you to have a certain amount of potato or pasta mixed in with your red day but until you've read the book, this is very difficult to explain.

Basically, as fab healthy diet for all to do with virtually no weighing!

Hope that does the job and answers any questions.

Kids can go free with a paying adult, Their version of slimming world is the same principle as loopy says and its called Free2go. I think but unsure that you have to have your GPs permission or a letter from him saying this is ok but dont quote me on that
Ok, just looked it up on the slimming world site and it says......

Q: Can my child join a group?
A: Children aged 11-15 can join for free if they bring a doctor's note and are accompanied by a parent/guardian. If the adult is already a member of Slimming World, there is no extra charge. If the accompanying adult is not a member, a reduced weekly fee of £3.75 (plus the current joining fee) is charged to the parent/guardian for our help and advice. Your child will receive the same books as an adult member
My daughter comes with me. Basically they encourage them to make healthy choices, they are allowed unlimited healthy extras and 'grow' into their weight. Stay the same weight and as they get taller they will become a normal weight. Hopefully the healthy eating they are learning will stay with them forever and they will never become a paying member! My daughter loves coming. She is 12, sometimes does the shop, helps with the raffle and enjoys having some new, grown up friends.


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i think its good that kids are alowed to join - even better that they can have as many healthy extras as they want, fantastic :D

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