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Any General advice.. for a 19 year old interested in VLC diets?

Hello everyone,

I'm new on here and you will have to excuse this rather general post.. but as I can see you are all very knowledgeable on this subject, maybe you could answer my general queries.

I have been reading about the "VLC" or otherwise known "The Hackers Diet" through an E-article titled "Diet Plans" by Jeremy Zadowny he put the prospect of dieting into prospective for me

Here is the article:

The Diet Plan and The Three Habits (by Jeremy Zawodny)

Over my years of communicating people I have developed a high level of confidence and self esteem but I never managed to be able to look in the mirror or look at the figure staring back at me on the scales and say thats who I wanted to be.

I feel using the theory of this diet and and regular exercise I can loose weight to a size that suits me and then maintain that comfortable position.

Jeremy made a XLS (excel chart) of his weight loss and it is a great way to track your calorific intake each day.

If anyone has any advice for me of any kind I would love to hear it.

Thank you all.
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There's some good advice in that article, the bit about knowing the difference between hunger and not-full is very important. You don't say how much you weigh, how tall you are or how much you want to lose, it would be easier to advise on diets if we knew that. As a general rule eating more healthily (which often means eating less and always means cutting out most of the junk) and exercising more is the best way to achieve sensible losses, and age is on your side there - it gets much harder as you get older.

I would point out that just losing weight is not the key to happiness, very few slim people would say they are truly happy with their bodies, but it certainly helps. Good luck with the plan, and do let us know how it goes.
hey... I agree with clairejen, it would help if you mentioned you're height/weight...

I'm not sure if age plays a part in the decision, but I suppose being at Uni it would be quite difficult as the general consensus is that all students do is go out, get pi**ed and party! :rolleyes:

I'm 21... and have been on LL for 4 weeks :)

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