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Any knitters out there?

Strange request from my teenage daughter last night - she asked me to knit her a jumper!
I did a fair bit of knitting when they were pre-school but haven't really done any since. I'm wondering if hand knitting is making a comeback. I would love to be able to do a jumper for her but wool is so expensive.
We put a summer house in our garden earlier this year and hope to be able to use it all year, she suggested I knit some red and green cushion covers for the festive season.
Well, I suppose that would keep my hands busy in the evenings.
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hi i started knitting last winter(first time on cd) i made all my family a scalve for xmas lol this time round ive just started knitting myself a long jumper, im quite tall in the body so i am able to add rows so it covers my bum. the wool is around 3 a ball and i need 10 ball but my local wool shop has put 10 balls of the same code away and i will buy one each week. it is an expensive hobby but at least i will keep busy.

good luck x
Went to the haberdashery store on Monday. Thankfully the wool wasn't as expensive as I thought and I'm almost finished the front of the jumper. I'm quite enjoying knitting again. My other daughter has asked for a jumper aswell (similar to one in Jack Wills at Β£99) so that should come in a lot cheaper doing it myself!
I wonder if my nieces would like a jumper for Christmas.......

M x
I've recently started crocheting, I am too slow at knitting and only know the basic stitch but would love to be able to follow pattens.

I crocheted my son a blanket for his bed and I was so chuffed with myself :eek:)

It does keep the hands busy which is great on this diet. I buy my wool from the market in the city as its a bit cheaper than I have found in other places.

Would you be able to share photos of your handywork?
I've been knitting for about 6 years now. Not been doing much for the last few weeks as have a lot on but am currently doing a new slouchy hat for winter as my second ever fair isle project :)

Ravelry is a great site for finding patterns etc and it's free :D
I did try out knitting a little while ago, I picked it up ok but it wasn't really for me. Got more into sewing aswell as my jewellery making now so been making my own bags and stuff :)
I'm not the best knitter in the world. But am a member of a knitting community. I think the recession has made the craft very popular again and knits are in the year!

Wool is really expensive but there is a way of getting around it, if you have the time! In most charity shops and jumbles you can find an array of great jumpers at low low prices simply pic your colours go out and search for them and then spend a few evenings in front of the telly unraveling!

It actually makes a great day out! Me and my mum used to go jumble hunting for wool when I was younger :)

Oh and the website is called Ravelry! Happy knitting x
There's alot of chairty shop that also sell the wool itself cheap, I'm forever finding patterns and needles in there too.

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