Weight loss struggle - household with limited support


Hello, I am hoping someone will be able to help me with this.

I have been on and off the slimming world diet for a year, I lost a stone by Christmas last year, but slowly its creeping back up. Before summer, I moved into my boyfriend's parents house and due to commitments meaning I wouldn't be at home, I let the healthy living slip. My mother-in-law kept encouraging me all summer, telling me that it was okay to enjoy myself because we would do Slimming World together come September and support each other with it. To the point of, when we were out clothes shopping, she was telling me to get smaller sizes because I was going to be losing the weight.

September started and my boyfriend kept dropping a couple of hints that the diet should be starting, which I was glad of, because he was being supportive. But his mum kept putting it off. "Next week, we'll start" She kept saying. It came to a point that I was getting stressed out about it, worrying that I wasted my money on the clothes that weren't going to ever fit me and I just felt like I was never going to be eating healthily. She is really good at buying the foods that I want for lunch, so that I can make my own, and I can stick to the plan, however when it comes to dinners, everything is out of a jar or from the freezer. Even when I suggest different things, it's not really welcomed warmly.
I keep insisting that I cook, because I enjoy cooking from scratch and I know I am confident enough in the kitchen to make things that are slimming world friendly, but I keep being told no. Her reasoning is that I recently started my PGCE in Primary teaching, so I need to focus on that. I considered telling her that I would batch cook my own food and freeze it, however the freezer is always packed. There is literally no space in it, for anything.

I am finding myself avoiding looking in the mirror again and getting changed quickly because I feel embarrassed by the way I look. I have joined the gym at uni to try and help, but I know how important it is to have a balanced diet, with healthy foods and with exercise.

I just hope somebody can give me some inspiration or advice, because right now, I am at my wits end. I really don't know what to do to improve the situation, so any advice is welcomed.

Thanks, -Jx
Wow x
I'm sorry that you are encountering such resistance and can appreciate that being in a home that isn't yours with in laws that you need to keep the peace with is very difficult for you.

However,I'm assuming that you have a relatively decent relationship with your mother in law, enough so to go shopping etc, I'm sure if you sat down and had a good heart to heart with her you could make her see how's important your weight loss journey is to you.

Failing that, if she doesn't want to listen to you, then insist on making your own meals. You are an adult in control of what you put in your mouth and should not be pressured into eating meals you don't want just to prevent offence /upset.

I can see you mil prob does have good intentions, but you need to take control, for your own health.
Oh, and I would just go and join a slimming world group by yourself and hopefully that will spur on mother in law to come along with you.

You are your own person.
Thankyou for your response, I joined a group last night and I’m so glad I did, everybody is so lovely there and I am now so excited to go on this journey. Everyone in the house has actually put effort in to make healthy decisions since I joined as well, so hopefully the only way is up xx
That's brilliant x