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Step 1 Sole Source Any one else Starting tomoro....

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by tsweety81, 29 December 2013 Social URL.

  1. tsweety81

    tsweety81 Well-Known Member

    Im.not waiting for new years day to start again so tomoro is my restart.i have 21 ready made choc shakes chilling in the fridge.taking it a stone at a time.good luck to anyone else starting or already on their journey x;)

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  3. Mariad85

    Mariad85 ShrinkingSlimmer

    Good luck! :) do you get the ready mades from ur con? Xxx
  4. lippy

    lippy Well-Known Member

    good luck - i started today....so just one day ahead of you....
  5. tsweety81

    tsweety81 Well-Known Member

    Hiya gals. Yeah i get the ready made ones from my con they r in a carton with a straw.they are very handy.good luck both hope today goin well.im lookng forward to starting tomoro jst gota try n resist weighing everyday, i think i may hav to get my hubby to hide them lol.

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  6. Mariad85

    Mariad85 ShrinkingSlimmer

    I am a nightmare for that!! But resist then it'll be a nice surprise for you when you do get weighed in!! GOOD LUCK!! And will defo get some ready mades for work don't wanna be making em up at work really xxx
  7. lippy

    lippy Well-Known Member

    Good luck to you too - hope day 1 is going ok??....
    i also like the tetra's as they are easier to use and i can have them on the go...may look at other options in later weeks though
  8. Mariad85

    Mariad85 ShrinkingSlimmer

    What are tetras? Xxx
  9. deon-1

    deon-1 Member

    Good luck. I will be starting on SS tomorrow as I have currently been on step 3. Taking it one stone at a time will be my motivation for the next few months. At least we can all support each other.
  10. lippy

    lippy Well-Known Member

    the ready made shakes
  11. lippy

    lippy Well-Known Member

    the ready made shakes...

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