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any other chocoholics out there or people who was

Don't resist! Allow everything in moderation otherwise you make the item your nemesis and can't deal with it.

I always have chocolate available- proper chocolate too. Freddos are great as are curly wurlys and ice cream mars bars- all low and even if I have 2 I am still within my daily syns

Im quite strict on myself and if I feel the need for chocolate, then I have one in the evening after I've had my tea. That way I have all day to look forward to it!
Saying that, my downfall is crisps and I have a packet of them everyday! (all within my syn allowance of course!)
i can't stop at one but hot choccy filling so won't need more than oner of them i eat freddos and curly wirleys now but don't stop at one so i can't buy them in and i work in a shop so have acess to them all the time. have found mini milks r nice and taste like choccy
thank you all.
i love the choccy sprinkles
Im a complete chocoholic ,would be scared to admit the amount of chocolate i was eating before starting sw!! ive found the options drinks and skinny cow mint to look forward to at the end of the day has been enuf for me .Or the mint hifi bars are lush xx
I struggle with chocolate. Definitely my downfall.

I can't have 'just one' as it seems to either begin or worsen my craving :(

I don't buy it, and try not to have it in the house (difficult with kids), so last night I resorted to a couple of squares of cooking chocolate :eek:

I find the Alpen Light Chocolate and Fudge bar is a reasonable way to get my fix, but it's a toughie.
Yes im right there with you on the chocaholic theme. I just have to ban it im afraid cos one chocolate bar or piece is just not enough. Once i get a taste then the race is on to eat the lot. Im having a go at the bye bye chocolate for lent idea. It seems to be working so far but i hope im not back to the old daily habbit after that. Anything that has a bit of a chocolate taste seems to tease me to want the real thing, so im avoiding anything brown at the moment :) x x
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I like the orange hi-fi bars with a nice cuppa!
I cant taste the choc in those muller lights, certainly doesn't give me my fix!
Also for me, I can only put half a mug of water in my options or its too watery? I prefer it stirred into quark! mmmmm
. Anything that has a bit of a chocolate taste seems to tease me to want the real thing, so im avoiding anything brown at the moment :) x x
lol anything brown

i'm the same as some of u once i eat it makes me want more but tried to go cold turkey and didn't sucessed. i don't buy it in so i'm ok if i don't go shop but i work in a shop and its right in front of me. maybe i should tell myself its not for eating its to sell.
i do look at all cals when i'm bored to put me off (sorry i know its cals but don't have a sw book at work and its only to put me off)

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