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Any tips for boosting your immune system?


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I'm starting a Primary PGCE (teacher training, I know not everyone knows what a PGCE is!) in September so I'll be spending half the year in primary schools surrounded by kids carrying all sorts of germs. It's a pretty well known fact that teachers are fairly prone to colds etc. because of it but just wondering what can be done to prevent it as much as possible. I have Asthma so I know that if I get a cold and it goes to my chest, it can take me weeks to get rid of it. I'm fully prepared for the fact that colds and stuff are things that I'm just going to have to deal with but I would like to try and give my body the best chance possible to fight it all.

I've just bought some multivitamins, do have a fairly balanced diet and try to get in exercise regularly, but is there anything else that anyone knows of or has tried that has really helped? I know there's a whole bunch of immune system boosting products out there and whilst I don't mind buying them if they'll help, I don't want to waste my money on something that won't actually help. So any advice or tips appreciated!
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Slimming down the aisle
Someone else suggested a full protective body suit, it might be the way forward!! I do try get lots of vit c, will have a look into echinacia though, never even heard of that!


Slimming down the aisle
I agree about the echinacea - you aren't supposed to take it continuously, but two weeks taking it, then two weeks off. I also think Sambucol is very good - I have taken it when I've had the first sign of a sniffle (I have done teacher training, plus helped in a Sunday school and I have my own kids - the bugs were coming from all sides!) and it seems to help it on it's way more quickly.
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defo echinacea, and I take garlic capsules. They work a treat. :)
If not, just a massive bubble that you could walk around in. The kids would love that. :)
Take in your own tea mug, give it a good clean before using it each time and politely turn down any offers from other people to make you hot drinks - I swear bugs get passed from hands to mugs to mouths easily. Since I stopped doing communal tea-making and only had tea I'd made myself I seem to get fewer illnesses!

Also, tea is mildly antibacterial, so drink tea if you like it :D

Maybe carry round some a pocket packet of wetwipes as well. Good luck.

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