Any way to tone these v flabby legs (pics attached)

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  1. heylyla87

    heylyla87 Member

    Hi everyone,

    Not sure if this is the correct area to post this.

    I'm losing weight at the moment although not as fast as I'd like.

    My stats are as follows: age 27, 255lbs, 5ft 9, have been overweight since childhood. Highest weight was 305lbs and lost 50lbs about a year ago but have stalled since...back on track now.

    I've attached a few pics of my body :-(

    It's such a sorry state through no fault but my own but it's my legs that upset me the most....they are just so flabby as you can see. I know that I'm very overweight overall but my legs just seem shocking for somebody who is relatively young.

    I'd love any advice on the best ways to try tone them up or any tips on toning overall as it causes me to have v low self esteem, can't wear dresses or even enjoy a day at the beach.

    Any advice would be great on trying to tone them up or if they are just flabby and saggy cos I have been overweight for so long.

    Thanks a mil,
    Emma x

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  3. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Didnt want to read and run. I too hate my legs always have done. Yesterday I started the 30 day squat challenge as it says it tones your thighs up. I can already feel the burn in them already can hardly move tonight after day 2 of squats and abs!!

    Ps I googled 30 day squat challenge on google to get the timetable

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  4. heylyla87

    heylyla87 Member

    Thanks for the reply!
  5. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Hi - I'm a yo-yo and aged 60 and pear shaped so my thighs and bum have suffered the most and have been v wobbly - but I found callanetics (small but intense movements) which have really toned me up (not perfect much I'm much happier with them) my whole body has improved and u can do it anytime in the privacy of ur sitting room! I've heard that if we follow a low fat diet combined with exercise - that's our best chance of improving our shape! Good luck to u x
  6. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Perhaps if you can get some leg weights (those you put round your ankles) to use whilst walking/working out it may help too? :)
  7. holly xxx

    holly xxx Full Member

    i hated my legs so much when i was at my highest weight of 22 stone - i cant say that i love them now, i still have my issues with them, (a bit of sagging on my inner thighs) but they are considerably thinner and more toned now that they ever have been and its all through walking, nothing else - it doesnt happen overnight, but with gradual weight loss (to avoid sagging skin) and lots of walking i am sure you would see a massive difference - i actually get comments from people saying how thin my legs are now, i just wish the rest of me would tone up as good as my legs! - good luck! xxx
  8. heylyla87

    heylyla87 Member

    Thanks for the replies. Obviously my whole body bothers me but my legs just really get me down! I dream of the day I can wear a skirt aboive my knee!

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