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any1 know the contact details for...

thanks do u no if theres any way i can send a user on ere a private message?


Queen of the Damned
I think it depends on your 'user privileges'. Once you get to 50 posts you can use the private messaging system.
ok thanks for you help i cannot find the woman in penshaw and i know someone on here has her number but i never seem to be on the same time as her! ive found another cdc who may be able 2 help me thanks again
stacy i cannot access msn as i am on a public computer i really wana get the stuff 2 start 2mora! i get paid 2mora i cannot find the details for the penshaw cdc plz reply on ere?


i love minimins me :)
her number is 07866597073

if i am not allowed to post her number on here, can someone plse tell me so i can edit it :)

i am seeing her tonight and paying by cheque cos i aint ben paid yet either, i am not startin till sat or sun tho

wat part of sunderland are u from

thanks only problem is i do not have a cheque book if i met her 2day i cud go bk in pay 2mora or sumit! i duno lol im from downhill u?


i love minimins me :)
i have jus rang her, but her phone is switched off :( am sure u could come at the same time, i cant see it being a problem?

does any oter cdc know if this would be ok?

how r u gettin there? bus? will it be a northern bus?
stacey r u still ere? i can meet if u want only problem is i wud ave 2 bring my son is that ok do u think?


i love minimins me :)
yea i am gettin the 73, it comes at 4:32 at the uni so it gets to penshaw for 4:45 :) and apparenty its only a couple of minutes work from nr the monument

i dont suppose u know what tym it gets in park lane cos i cud get on there n then u cud get on at the uni??
k well i can get on that bus in park lane do u think it will be ok if i bring my son? he is 2? what actually happens 2day then do we get weighed ect? n tlk bout it then get the stuff wen eva?


i love minimins me :)
yea, i think she weighs us etc and tells us bout it, am buying the stuff today andstarting on sat but think ya can jus go for the chat without buyin it really

its jus at her house so i cant see i bein a problem bringin ya lil boy :)

so if u pay wiv a cheque u get the stuff 2day? how much is she charging?
did she tell u that u need 3 pks a day? cos im sure the wallsend woman sed 4pks a day for £33 oh god i knew i sud ave ad a cheque book i wonda if my bank will give me a cheqe if i go n n c em 2day is that possible? i only want 1 2 give her 2day lol

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