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Anybody a TEACHER?


Gone fishing
Earn their respect
Then earn their love

After that, teens will judge you by your ability as a teacher, not your size. It wont be an issue unless you make it one

I love teaching teens. They are so much fun :D :D

All the very best of luck with your new position. Enjoy and don't take anything personally ;)


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Hi - I have been teaching students aged 4 to 65 for 20 years and most of the time have been about a size 28 -never had any problem from any of them.


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As an ex teacher I agree with all that has been said, esp KDs words of wisdom. In my experience, teens are one of the best age groups ever to teach, they are so open and also so honest. They will react to YOU - not to your size, but the way you treat them, the person you really are. If you respect them, they will respect you. Kids can be wonderful... I do understand your worries, but try to be confident and act as though your weight is not an issue for you... then, hopefully, it will not be an issue for them either.

Good luck.



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I teach primary, I have 11 year olds at the mo, and I work with older ones through drama. They never commented at all on my size until I started losing it and they have been soooooo lovely and supported- ex-pupils too!

Be firm, friendly, fair and most of all consistent- if they know where the boundaries are, they'll stick within them. Listen to their ideas and respect them. It's the best job in the world!

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