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Anybody else on CD who has fibromyalgia?


Seem to be posting alot tonight! Must be because the OH is away with the lads and it is just me, the dog and the TV!

I was just wondering if anybody else on CD suffers with fibromyalgia and whether the diet has had any affect (good/bad) on you?

I got diagnosed a few years ago in my 30s and, although I have been tired most days, I seem to be coping fine with CD SS. :p

It would be nice to chat to anyone else in the same boat!

Take care
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needs a real kick in the
hiya i was diagnosed about 8 months ago, after suffering for about 2-3 years, im 32 in aug, i find this diet is helping most days, and losing even the little bit of weight has helped with the pain, i sleep lots better, and do have more energy some days, but ive only lost 16lb so hope to see more difference as i go xxx
Hi Claira
Big (gentle) FMS hugs to you!
You are doing fab!
So sorry about your diagnosis....wouldn't wish it on anyone, but you will be fine! Keep smiling....it doesn't hurt!
Keep in touch with how you are getting on and keep up the fab CD results


needs a real kick in the
thanks you to, there is something on the internet somewhere about a lady who also has fms and how caimbridge, changed her life, so hopefully this will really help us xx
Hi Claira

I have M.E./Chronic Fatigue syndrome, I am on medication at the moment, with having so little energy my gp was happy for me just to go up a plan, I lost 2.5 pounds the first week and regained some strength, I wish you well on your cd journey, I am sure loosing the weight wil make us feel better x :)


needs a real kick in the
how are you both finding it, i am amazed at how much cd has helped me, i do not sleep all day or even start nodding in afternoons, my hip feels loads better, and lots of my other symptoms seem to have improved, i still ache and get pains, but feel 1oo times better than before x
Hi Claira

So glad you are feeling better. Unfortunately for me I had another diagnosis from the specialist last week and have discovered that all along I have had seronegative inflammatory spondyloarthritis with secondary fibromyalgia! I am now on immunosuppresant drugs and am not feeling 100%.

The plus point is I have lost about 25lbs although I may well have to go up a few plans on CD as I will be taking 2000mg of drugs a day. I am avoiding this for as long as possible though!

I truly hope your symptoms continue to decrease and well done on a fantastic weight loss to date!

Take care .... I am still smiling and am not giving up!



Mad as a Hatter
Sorry I don't have any of the illnesses/symptoms described by other posters on this thread, but I would just like to say well done to you all
It's a hard enough diet when you are fit and well never mind when you have other sidelining illnesses as well

Good luck to you all and hopefully the CD will help some of you feel a little better...

Hi Tracy

Thanks so much for your post, it is really appreciated!

Good luck on your CD journey!


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