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Anybody Else weigh themselves daily ?


I love fruit and veg. ;)
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I feel the need to keep weighing myself daily too. I am trying to resist the temptation of doing that though as your weigh goes up and down all day, and it can be really disheartening when I weigh myself on the night time and see that I've went up 1-2lbs from the morning! So now I weigh myself every Monday morning. (At least trying too!) :)
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Ive always weighted myself every morning and every evening and on weigh in about 10 times in the middle lol. It becomes an obsession, but to me it gives me a boost everyday!
However, if you are following the plan there should be no need to weigh youself all the time and should be able to trust that its going to work :)
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Guilty of this too love seeing the numbers coming down :)


Bread is my enemy!
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me too! i weigh myself every morning when i get up and then again when i get home from work. It's an obsession and i know i should stop but i like to know its going in the right direction! :D


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I wish I could limit it to just once a day!!!! ;)
I weigh often.....didnt weigh this morning though as i had a chinese yesterday so know it would not be a nice number!!!!

Will hop on like an addict from Monday though :) i weigh in on Thursday evenings, and i weigh about 6 times after each other in the morning to get an 'average'! heheh! My scales are bang on the same as SW ones though so it gives me a good indication for the evening result.
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I find it gives me a boost if its going down and if it has gone up then i makes me work harder!!!!
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I weighed myself 3 times yesterday and again this morning, oops. I'm not usually that bad but I have my period and I hate when my weight jumps up just because of that. I'm keeping an eye on it ;D

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I just posted on another thread, but I do this. It means nothing though, sometimes it looks like I have lost a great amount and then come WI I've STS. My home scales are pretty much bang on with SW (out by 0.2lb) but my daily weight changes so much that it really aint worth the stress, if i take them seriously, which I don't! :)
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I weigh myself every morning (first thing) and evening (last thing) and write the results down in my diary. From doing this I can see a clear pattern in the weekly and daily fluctuations of my body. It may be a bit obsessive but helps me to stay in control and on track.
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I used to feel the need to weigh myself daily, but found it very destructive if I ever had a gain.

With the way weight can fluctuate by a pound or 2 a day, if I weighed myself on an up fluctuation rather than a downwards one, I'd throw a bit of a strop and ask myself what's the point.

That was usually followed with an if I'm up, I might as well have some crisps then! I know.....

So I've decided once a week, at my SW class, is the way it has to be for weighing myself. It helps me stay on track in the week as there are no natural fluctuations for me to react badly to.

I know this won't suit everyone, but it's what works for me.
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I weigh twice a week. Once in group and once in Boots. My scales are pants!!

I couldn`t deal with the stress of doing it more often. Probably then get diheartened and pack it in.


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Yes I weigh myself most evenings and I still can't work out what I will be on WI day as that day I never check the night before.
I have no idea if my scales are the same as SW as I stay at my mums that night.
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Try not to as I can gain as much as four pounds in weight by the end of the day.

It makes me feel anxious and doubtful of my ability to lose weight anymore. Having been anorexic in my early twenties and being a slave to yo-yo dieting and food obsessions, it is just not worth it - though I do have my moments!


Proud to be a LOSER :)
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I used to weigh myself weekly on my wii...

Then when I started at an actual SW group in May I would only weigh myself on SW scales every monday - unlike my sister who weighs herself several times a day lol. But in fairness... i didn't own scales!

Then I went away for a month to work for a summer camp in London and bought some scales for while I was away but then couldn't stick to SW diet.

Since I've been back, I do tend to weigh myself every so often during the week between weigh-ins, just to see if i'm on track... and before I weigh in just to see how far out my scales are compared to SW lol (cos that IS a big problem, so don't take your own scales as gospel because they aren't!)

I weighed myself last week my scales said 10st 11.5lbs. Then went to group and i was 10st 12lbs. Then came back and it still said 10st 11.5lbs. :/ lol!! typical!

I think I'm okay because if the scales are saying a gain or STS, then instead of it being depressing and sending me off the waggon, it gives me a push to eat more SS food, or free foods and less carbs so less green days and more red :) or sometimes ill then choose to walk the 1.5miles to my BFs instead of getting a lift. I dunno if it makes a difference, but mentally it does lol.

But I also don't agree with weighing in the morning, and evening OR after food. I always ALWAYS weigh myself before I eat. Even when I used to have my WI on monday evening... i wouldn't eat and barely drink ALL DAY :eek: which is why im glad ive switched to 9.30am on a saturday lol! no more starving myself!!


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