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Anyone 14stone to 11stone?

ciaras countdown said:
hey im 14st 4 and need to get to 10 stone defo goina try my hardest to rich my goal doing the weight watchers pp plan and goin really well so far hows slimming world?
I've never done weight watchers don't think point counting is for me!! So can't really compare, I love slimming world though find it really easy once I'm in the frame of mind :) never hungry and can still go out fir meals and drinks and still lose weight :)
It's pretty easy once you get used to it, if your on extra easy you can have unlimited free food of all lean meat, pasta, rice and potatoes as long as you have a third of each meal as vegetables or fruit! Then you get 2 healthy extras a day normally bread/cereal or milk/cheese, then you have between 5-15 syns a day which you can use for sauces treats etc. That the basics anyway think the hardest part is getting your head round the fact you can have as much carbs as you need to be full!! X


Let's do this....
I'm 14stone would love to get to 11 or less.

I just am not great fr planning but I guess if I got into the way of it I would be fine.

Tried to do this a year ago but failed miserably :(
I'm 14.7 (started at 15.3) and plan to end up at 11.7. Enjoying slimming world (most of the time) I find that the times I slip up and over syn are when I'm hungry and just "need" fatty food. sts this week so my intention is to be a girl guide and "be prepared" Made a little pack of egg sandwiches to pop in my bag for later and have some homemade soup ready for when I get home. Good luck everyone,and would love to know how you're doing.
Hello, I'm currently 14st 8 (was 15st 3 two weeks ago when I started!) and want to get to around 11st 3lbs. Would definitely love to join you!
Hi photogirl. We started at the same weight,weigh the same now and have a similar goal !! The difference is you got there in 2 weeks it has taken me 5 weeks ! Have you got any tips for me ? I'm doing EE but wonder if mixing with green will help.Lots and lots of luck :flirt2:
Hi Jilly! That's awesome... Well I do all green days because i'm a vegetarian so don't want to do another plan. I've started doing quite a bit of exercise, (more than 2.5 hours a week of street dancing), plus walking as much as I can, taking the stairs instead of lift etc. So I guess it is all helping! I'm fully expecting my weight loss to slow down soon though! Can't have losses like this all the time or i'd be at my goal in a couple of months lol. Good luck!
That settles it ! I really love vegetarian food (although not a veggie) I think I will go green today, must look in book and make a plan. I have been preparing ahead a lot recently and I am sure it has saved me from "hungry grab" slip ups!..... Excercise....hmmm.....I will walk more and there is a Zumba class on Tuesday I want to try. Being evicted for the evening on Saturday as my daughter is having a party so I intend to go out with my husband, must must must organise my self foodwise as it is soooo easy to have a drink (or three) too many then soak it up with a visit to the curry house. Happy slimming !

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