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Anyone been on a Sun £9.50 holiday in the uk?

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If so, which park?

Is there anything I need to be careful aware off?

We were going to book one for Sept with the 2 kids. As we haven't much money but would like a break we thought we'd use the park as a base & travel aroind the local area. We were thinking of lowestoft or around Hastings in Kent.

Any information on your experiences would be great x
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Best ones are the ones with the most stuff. I went to Rookley isle of Wight last year and although not much on site there's alot to do elsewhere.

Try them and we didn't upgrade. U don't spend much time in the caravans anyway. X
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I've done a fair few, usually to the Isle-of-Wight, before my dad's house was done up and big enough for us all. It's basic, and is what it is, but we've alwaes had fun. We have upgraded once before, but there's no need really. Where are the ones in Hastings this year? (not read my booklet yet!) I've stayed at the Haven site a fair few times too, was thinking of doing Cornwall this year
Ooh, this reminds me I need to start getting the paper - It might be my only chance of a holiday this year!!

I went to a park in Newquay on one of these deals before, wish I could tell you the name, but my friend booked it all.


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my brother goes on them all them time and finds them good value. he normally goes to woolacombe bay and newquay.

think you pay extra for your bed linen, etc. but can't complaing for £9.50.
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Just watch the servoce charge and entertainment passes as this is what puts the price up. Its rare you will ever only pay £9.50 each cos of these extras, but if you choose your parks carefull then they are a bargain.

That said you mention September, I know people have found before that if going outside of school hols it can actually be cheaper to get a good deal with the park direct than to go through the sun. If youre going in school hols then its def cheaper to go on the Sun deal.

Hope that helps, we've done loads of them and always had a great time although the accomodation is usually their lower end stuff.
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I do them all the time, me and my 2 girls. HAstings I ahve been to Coombe HAven and Camber Sands. Both OK. Loads to do round there. Love Hastings, Battle and Rye. Also did a day trip to france from there for an extra 20 quid. HAve also done Norfolk, Lakes, Blackpool for the lights, Devon, Minehead. I do a couple of year, been known to do three. Only thing I would say, is may be worth taking a little fan or hallogen heater. It is sometimes cold in the caravans and chalets, especially in the autumn and in the evenings.
My friend has been on them several times (although not the Sun, think it was the Express, but probably the same sort of deal).

She has no interest in the entertainment, so doesn't pay extra for the passes. Also, she takes her own linen, so doesn't pay extra for that.

Query all the extras - you don't necessarily have to have them if you don't want to.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
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Thanks guys, really useful information. we've picked out 5 that are no service charge & extra for entertainment as we'd really only use as a base & visit the local areas. We'd bring our own sheets/pillows anyhow. Good plan re: heater I wouldn't have thought of that & with a 2 year old & baby would need that.

Claire - the ones in Hastings are Park Holidays UK Beauport in Hastings, Haven Combe Nr Hastings & Park Holidays UK Coghurst Hall. There are several in Rye as well. We just thought that there were things to do & not too far from London.

big bear

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Oh yeah so it is..lol I was originally going to go to Kent that's why I got confused XX


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Has this deal started, ongoing or finished?


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I've been on a couple - to Porth Cawl and Tenby in Wales. Porth Cawl wasn't great out of season, but Tenby was fab and we booked again at a discounted rate direct with Haven for the following year (a week that time though - 3/4 days wasn't long enough!)

Found Tenby really good for families. We went as a couple and didn't really attend any of the shows or anything (happier popping into a pub in town!)

Just watch the servoce charge and entertainment passes as this is what puts the price up. Its rare you will ever only pay £9.50 each cos of these extras, but if you choose your parks carefull then they are a bargain.
Be particularly careful of this as £9.50 per person is based on 4 people - plus all the extras as per the above.
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we paid £40 ( for the gas and leccy, passes for entertainment, passes were £8 each?) for a week in cornwall.

Our sucked arse, cos it was mid nov.. and we didnt like the area.. but the accomadation was perfectly acceptable.. had it been summer.. must have been so much better!

iv known loads of people to really enjoy the hols so id go for it! x
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Oh my, Sun holidays from £9.50 my bestest find:D

Beg of 2009 saw the Whittle household with little money to spend on hols, and seeing as I'd been used to 3 per year I was to say the least a little disapointed:rolleyes:.

So in 2009 I collected the vouchers & in Sept the whole family (4 adults) went to Italy for 4 nights & then to France for 7 nights. It was a fantastic holiday the parks were clean & lots of amenities. The whole thing cost £660:eek:. OH does work for the railway so we did get discounted rail travel but still a bargin.

Money was a little better last year, but not one to miss a bargin just me & OH went to Barcelona in Sept 10 for £250:eek::eek:

Yep I'd definately recommend them. But as soon as you have all the tokens get it posted, the places do go quickly.

You can add me on facebook if you wish so you can view my photos.
Has this deal started, ongoing or finished?
The first day was Saturday so you'll still have chance to get all the tokens - I think! ;)
I've been on loads but with friends - no kids and mainly Yorkshire area, Northumberland and Lincs. We tend to use it as a base as well and not really bothered about amenities so go for the ones with free or cheapest passes. We've always been upgraded as well for some reason :p
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Hi, I am a newbie on here. Your post caught my eye as I work for a park, holiday company. I would 2nd calling the park direct as it can be cheaper usually depends on the time of the year you want to go. You can also upgrade your booking for various fees. All prices are on the websites! Enjoy yourr hols! :)

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