Anyone doing SS, how long have you been doing it for?


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I am on day 4 now, and so far so good - ish. Reading between the lines it seems like quite a few people on this forum do SS long term? My CDC has reccomended I do SS no longer than 4 weeks - which seems like an eternity currently!

Does it get easier, and is it just a case of getting used to it. How do you fit it into your normal life for so long? I hate the fact already that I dont sit down for sunday dinner or breakfast with my family.

Words of wisdom much appreciated.

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Hi there, well done on nearly completing 4 days of SS :) as my cdc said to me when I started on the 1st December this is not a diet for the faint hearted but I have to say I am now 6 weeks into it and once you get over the first 2 weeks it definitely gets easier, it takes a lot of willpower though but I can now make food for my partner again and pick up kfc for him without wanting to cheat. I think the results help though and this is definitely a diet that gives you results!!! I plan on sticking to SS for the full 12 weeks and then doing AAM and back onto SS until goal when I will move up the steps, you have a lot less to lose than I do though so just do what feels right for you. Good luck I am sure you can do it :)


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Hi and welcome

I think the reason that some people seem to do CD longterm is because they cheat thus making the diet longer than it needs to be.(talking about myself here).

If you can stick to it you will lose 14lbs a month. And once you get into the swing of things not eating 'food' is really not so bad.

I too struggle at family meal times especially at the weekend when we are all together. Its not that I'm hungry its just that I hate drawing attention to myself (and my fat) by not eating with everyone else. And if we happen to be eating out it is even worse. But if I want the fantastic results that others on here have had then its just something I will have to get over.

Some people put their life on hold while they do the diet. At the moment I am planning on staying at home for Easter as in the past I have used holidays as an excuse to come off the diet. Other people manage to carry on as normal. They go on holiday, attend social functions etc and take their packs with them and stay on plan.

SS is only one of the plans. SS+ and 810 allow food and still produce good results. It just depends if you want that break from food.

Try not to worry about it too much at this stage. Complete your first week, see how much you lose and how you feel then maybe talk over your options with your CDC.

Good luck



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When I did CD last year, I was on SS for 5 months, with the exception of AAMW. You do kind of just get used to it, it becomes your 'normal routine' although I didn't have the worry about sitting down to family meals, because we never did.


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I totally agree with Jac!! I'm like angel to begin with (2 weeks sof ar), but once you have a little slip up - it tends to make it harder to stick to 100% SS..which in turn takes longer to shift the weight!! I have 2 stone to lose, and i keep telling myself that it's only 2 months in my life!!!!! doesn't make it any easier though when my friends are out for yummy meals and boozy nights out! lol

Good luck everyone! x


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I did 5 weeks SS up to Xmas and then had 2 weeks on 810... OK, one week on 810 & one week off completely if I am honest. Still ate much more sensibly and with way less guilt than ever before in living memory! Then since New Year have been back on SS, so in week three again. Altogether over 2 stone has gone which is so motivating, and the sense of having control around food is also a real buzz for me as I was a serial binger/overeater before.
So I'd say yes, the diet gets a lot easier if you can get yourself into it and use the time away from food to sort out why you got big in the first place.
I did feel awkward not eating with family to start with, but they are very supportive, and I do make sure I have my shakes/whatever at the times they are eating too, so we are together even if we are having different things.
I plan to stay on SS until 31st Jan, then go back to 810 as I have two weeks in Feb where I am working away and know trying to stay SS won't be an option. I think taking it in small chunks - say 4 or 5 weeks - makes it do-able for me. There is an end in sight, but to be honest once you settle into it you won't feel it's so tough. There are so many options with CD, you can always have control and shift up to a different plan if things are getting too much for you.
Good luck and stick with it!


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Im half way into my second week of SS, and so far I have found it quite easy....I never thought I would say that because my husband and I have always loved going out to eat and mostly everything we did together revolved around food.

Its only since starting this diet that Ive realised what an unhealthy relationship I had with food, I would eat out of boredom and habit, not just when i was hungry really...taking food out of the equation is the only way I can diet successfully. i dont have to think about what im eating or plan menus etc...cos thats all done for me!

I lost 12lbs in my first week, and have felt great doing it, Im probably one of the lucky ones who didnt get any horrid side effects from going into ketosis, and my first week loss has spurred me on even more....

Its all worth it once you step on the scales and see the losses...and the way I see it, is there is no point in cheating, because I know I'll feel really guilty afterwards and no taste of food is better than being able to fit into my size 12 jeans again!

Stick at it, it does get easier, soon SS will be the norm...:D