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Anyone doing the NI (Nerys and India) diet?


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The book is really based on Atkins/ general low carb principles, so most people on this and the Atkins board are doing a version. I've done their version before but needed slightly stricter rules for myself.


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if you have a look on the atkins forum I think there is someone doing it :D
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Hiya I'm doing it :) I've found it really easy x 18 days in and no cheating I just keep reading n retracing the book it's all doggeard now lol if I feel like cheating ! I've lost 10lbs upto know but it may be more as it's TOM x x how u getting on x I'm on the atkins thread mine is pig to twig x x
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Hi Shellyb,
Congratulations on your progress! thats fantastic. I havent started it yet. Because it's mentioned that you can feel quite crap during the first week I'm waiting till my annual leave on the 20th, so I'll have maximum time to lay down and feel sorry for myself. How did you find the first week? I need something easy but I'm definately worried that I wont stick to it. I have 2 stone to lose, and it does seem good. I just hope I carry it through. I'm a bit like Nerys!
Any keep up the good work! Hopefully I will be joining you soon x
S: 14st1lb C: 13st3lb G: 10st8lb Loss: 0st12lb(6.09%)
Hiya I felt fine the 1st week to be honest I was just really positive I drank loads of water I did get an awful taste in my mouth after 2 days like I'd been sucking on copper but apparently that's ketosis which is good x I did feel a bit shitty on day 4 but not that bad but I think the horrible feeling is due to caffine withdrawl which I didn't drink a lot of anyway x I made sure I had loads of my fav foods the day before I started and really pigged out ! I have found this week pretty hard week 3 I'm still sticking to the iduction till I've lost the bulk of my weight and this week I've hardly had an appitite and felt quite sickly maybe xoz it's t.o.m x I keep smelling my kids sweets and crisps and they don't smell appitising at all now which is good x let me know how u get on I've lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks but I was hoping for slightly more I can't tell yet but my target is getting closer and closer :) I have really stuck to this n not cheated once I've read the book till I know it off by heart and read some every bight in my 1st 2 weeks for inspiration I usually give up or cheat after a few days so I'm well chuffed x x good luck again x x
S: 14st1lb C: 13st3lb G: 10st8lb Loss: 0st12lb(6.09%)
Not really sure maybe something to do with water retention ?
S: 14st7lb C: 15st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: -0st7lb(-3.45%)
Right, I start today. Wish me luck! I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks for the comments, it's been very encouraging x