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anyone else fail spectacularly?!

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Hi all

Excuse the long post coming up but here goes....

I seem to have tried everything to lose weight over the last 16 years (am 34), at my lightest have been 3 stone lighter than this but accept I will never get to this again. This is probably the heaviest I have been apart from the later stages of being pg with twins.

Started off trying to lose a stone a few years ago but seem to have succeeded in gaining just over a stone instead. Have tried sw, ww, rosemary conley, shapes, harcombe, mckeith, juice diet, etc etc the list is endless. And still I find myself putting on weight.


I really need some help. I desperately want to lose 2 stone. I constantly compare myself to others, I think about the fact I'm over weight most of the time and hate it, yet still I can't stick to a plan. I'm just finishing a holiday on which I have absolutely stuffed myself and feel rubbish for it.

I've decided to give ww another go because I feel it is sensible and something that, if I actually ever manage to lose the weight, can be maintained in everyday life.

What can I do that's different to make me stick to it? I always start off with such good intentions then for some reason it all goes wrong. I get so impatient. Has anyone else felt like this then finally turned it around?

Also, would people recommend online or classes? I've joined classes before and it hasn't worked so not sure whether to try online but not sure I'd stick to it if I was just weighing myself.

Anyway, rant over, thanks for reading if you've made it this far and apologies again for the long post! X
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Awwww Hun good luck with everything ...you can do it it's just about wanting to do it !!!!! Personally I can't do it without going to class tried online but it doesn't work for me I need the discipline of weighing in front of someone xx

Remember how bad you feel at the moment and how much better you'll feel when you start losing the weight ...I think ww is by far the best option coz nothing is out of limits as long as you stay within your points xx

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I think that one of the most important things is to know what really works for you. Having a 'lightbulb moment' and suddenly switching to a real focus on slimming is also great, but I've only ever had one of those (and that was six years ago - I lost three stone without any difficulty, but then put it all back on) and we can't all sit around waiting for that to happen!

I used to feel that I really needed the "Moment" of weigh-in and class, and that I really needed to work in one week chunks of time rather than towards a really distant goal. I've found, though, that I don't actually need to go to a class. I'm lucky to have a very understanding partner and he's happy to 'play the part' of WeightWatchers leader so I have my weigh in on a Saturday morning in my 'jamas!

Joining online WW has been amazing for me. It makes it so simple to track everything without really having to think about it. And I can plan ahead days in advance.


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I had this same problem for years, I knew I was overweight but never did anything about it.

I joined WW in October last year and lost about a stone before Xmas and fell off the wagon totally. I have fluctuated about the same weight since then and tried to get back on and failed so many times.

I'm back on now for a few weeks and definitely back into the swing of things and I'm sure I'll stick to it now. I guess it's just trial and error. The most difficult part for me is if I have a bad day then to not give up and think 'well I had a McDonalds at the weekend so I may as well give up now' instead of getting back into the diet.

I would definitely recommend the classes, I rarely stay for the meetings but I really do need the 'judgement' of someone else weighting me. Not that my leader is horrible, it just helps me lose more incase she shouts at me :p

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