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Anyone else got a Wii FIT?


Call me Nicky xx
I have one and love it, my favourite is definately the hula hoop. I dont see why you wouldn't have a loss if you use it regularly as exercise.

Enjoy x


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I have one. Got mine when they were released 8 mths ago. Really good to tone up. Now I'm close to my target I've started using it again. I love the boxing,step, hula hoop & the yoga for exercise.

The skiing/boarding & ski jumps are fun,although I think these are more of a game though!


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I have one but have not used it for about 4 months, Had so much going on that just havent really been in the mood for it. Am going to start using it again along with losing weight, Healthy eating starts again tomorrow. So will get on it tomorrow morning.
I like the boxing and ski jump, though i like doing the plank and things to help tone up.


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Got one too. I used it quite regularly at the beginning but then lazyness kicked in. I am not very good in self motivation (that's why I need to go to SW class rather then slim on my own). Need a kick in the bum :asskick: and get on the WII at least every second day again ... :sigh: . I like yoga, hula hoop and free step. Boxing is the most energetic excercise I think. Really good for burning fat :)


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we've got one but like nikci we've not had it out for months, i think the only times its been used (after the initial excitement) is when friends come round and want to try it out, it is fun though and I SHOULD use it more xxx


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I wonder how many people will be using them in a few months - or are they just another latest craze everyone has to have then it ends up collecting dust


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i have one, but got new game rayman raving rabbids tv party on wii, involves a love of dancing ect, builds up to a good work and very addictive....


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I am in the process of setting up a league table on another site for a bit of fun & also to keep people motivated, if it goes down well I could copy it over to here maybe?!


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we only got a wii couple of weeks before xmas, also got the wii fit its brill i love the aerobics, jogging, hula hoop oh and the football header game ! i havent been on it in ages its just lazyness me and oh are addicted to tennis and bowling on wii sports!! gonna start using it everyday though once i restart cd properly :)


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I just got one too. Very excited. Hoping it will be the key to skinny!!!!