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Anyone else hooked on watching cooking programmes?!


Loves being slim!
I love food, especially poncy stuff. That Duck looked great! I'm getting ideas for later days. (The portion sizes are too small to affect the waistline surely!)
gosh can't do it! I earlier changed channels and found come dine with me or something of the sort and quickly changed to something else!! :)
In the first 4 weeks I dreamt of food now I watch cookery shows.

I am obsessed!!!!!

I Sky+ Rachel favourite food, Barefoot contessa, Chings Chinese food etc etc I am obsessed!

I have always watch Nigella etc but not as much as I am now. Funny, it does not make me hungry at all, I think I just like to see food!


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I watch all the cooking shows I can find hahaha :)) It doesn;t make me hungry and doesn't make me want to binge or anything.. I just like food, not for eating purposes alone, and I like watching other people cook things and think 'oh, I could do that' XD
dear god yes! last time i did CD i couldnt get enough of cookery programmes or recipe books! Usually i dont really bother with them but CD just made me obsessed! It didn't make me hungry either, but it was strangly satisfying!
I also used to go around sniffing other peoples food! lol....mainly my husband's (not to some poor stranger eating their McDonalds or something!) Just smelling the food used to sort of give me a satisfied, full feeling. i even used to sneak into my mother in laws kitchen to sniff her fresh bread! lol she thought it was highly amusing....thank god!
i have all that to come again in 14 days (and counting!)
OMG im not crazy! last time i did this diet i used to love smelling ppls food. im only on day four now and have avoided smelling food yet, as it mite make me eat, but i know further i get into SS more i like smelling food. mmmmm yummy


Mistress of the Dark
Yep! I'm currently watching a whole week's worth of Come Dine With Me!

I am sad that due to starting work tomorrow I am going to miss Daily Cooks Challenge everyday :(

I think I like watching them because I feel like I have eaten the food afterwards hehe!


Mistress of the Dark
OMG im not crazy! last time i did this diet i used to love smelling ppls food. im only on day four now and have avoided smelling food yet, as it mite make me eat, but i know further i get into SS more i like smelling food. mmmmm yummy
everything my partner eats i ask to smell haha!!!
It gets worse!

Hi i'm on my 12week today and i've lost 4stone:) still got a way to go though. I do the watching foody programmes also i've started collecting all the take away menus that come through the door (they all used to get thrown away) and I've started really reading them from front to back, don't know about you but when i was eating if i ordered a take away i usually ordered the same as always. I got an Indian menu the other day and every single dish had an English description next to it, i ended up studying that one:confused:. Like you it does not make me want to eat:confused:. I've also become a bit of a feeder to friends and family, i keep buying them little food treats and my poor mum has become my taste tester for any knew chocolate that comes out!!!! Bet u feel quite normal now, :angeldevil:
crazy, i do exactly the same with menu's and feeding people. i seem to live my food through others! lol im so glad that im not alone.
i remember form the last time i did cd i too used to love sniffing food especially cheese n onion crisps i swear once i'd smelt it it was like i had eaten it now on day 2 here i go again i'm sure the kids think i'm mad but they had pizza for dinner so my daughter broke a tiny bit off for me not to eat but to smell and it smelt sooooooooooooo good it was just like i had eaten it again lol mad mad we're all mad!!!!


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How weird am I then? I not only watch the cooking programmes, I also attend cooking classes a couple nights a week and cook throughout the week for family and friends!
im just like that too! not as much the cookery programmes but cooking!! my partner thinks it christmas everyday whilst hes at work & im being a mum i have been loving preparing the family different meals.. curry...sausage casserole... lasange ect.. instead of just shoving chips ect in the oven... hes even suggested im fatting him up! lol.. i think its the sub concience letting you be in control.. of course when i serve the food i say hope its ok dont know what it tastes like!!! he hee xx


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So glad i found this thread, i thought i was wierd and the only one watching cookery programmes!! I feel positively normal and no way as wierd as you lot sniffing other peoples food lmao!!!

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