Anyone else struggling?


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I don't know if it's the time of year or what, but I can't seem to get in the zone at the minute.
I've got quite a few planned days off over the coming weeks & it's really difficult to stay completely focused.

I know I'll be able to breeze through it in january, so roll on then. lol
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I am struggling at the moment too. I was extatic this morning when I saw that I lost 10lb in 5 days, but I am very cold now and so hungryyyyy. Hubby is doing his dinner and the smells... oh oh oh oh oh what shall I do?


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Step away from the kitchen. lol It is sooo hard, I normally don't find the mind games that difficult to ignore, but I'm struggling.


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I am struggling a lot, too, at the moment but a bit differently I think (judging from what you said). The cold weather // frost is making me SO tired and I'm struggling with the diet.. my low energy levels are really getting to me. In my country I am allowed to do SS, still, but it's just SO hard for me. When I look at the scales at the end of the week I feel good but the cold weather really eats my energy right up. Trying to do SS most of the week with a few AAM days in between...

Guess the winter is a difficult time for us diet-gals :)


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It is hard to stay motivated and in the 'zone' particularly with every single advert on tv talking about lovely tempting food....but I try to keep focused on my next goal...small baby steps..but I will get there!


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Glad to hear I'm not the only one ... I wish I was one of the girls who was finding it easy to shed pounds left, right and centre, but I've decided that my victory will be all the sweeter for the struggle :)



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thought i was alone on this one feeling not in the zone at all although trying to do my best, i agree roll on january and then i can really go for it x


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I found it easy and i'm struggling so theres something going on. Think as you say its a matter of getting through the xmas period with damage limitation then head down in jan. :)