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Anyone else trying to cut down the sugar?


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I love slimming world, I lost 2 stone a while back and have now lost 7lb since i restarted leaving me with only around another 7lb to go.

I love going to the gym and there I learnt about sugar and how bad it is for you.
I really want to continue on my red days with slimming world but cut down on the sugar, this is proving quite tricky.
I would like to use my healthy extras not on cereal bars and potatoes but on things such as nuts and hummus (so annoying nuts aren't a HEB on red)
I have found a fairly good hummus recipe where i can use chick peas for HEB and syn the oil.

Has anyone else been successful in reducing the sugar??
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i love sugar on my cereal and in tea and coffee however i have managed to stop having sugar on my cereal and now have sweetners in hot drinks. every now and again i have a cheeky spoon on my cereal as a treat
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Don't know if this will help, but I tend to use ' half spoon ' rather than sugar, it's a mix of sugar and sweetener so it tastes much better but you only need half as much. It's helped me lots to reduce the sugar as I used to take 2 large sugars in coffee. Great for people who really can't stand the sweetener taste.


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I took a major hit on sugar when i started SW. I used to consume a LOT of sugar, umpteen cups of tea a day each with 2 sugars, lots of sugar on cereal etc.

I stopped drinking tea, exchanged for Hot squash. When i do have tea/coffee i use sweetners.
I have honey on my cereal.
The first weeks were awful, going cold turky! I had the shakes, was moody, felt lightheaded, BUT it did all pass and i feel much better for cutting back the sugar considerably


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Assuming you are talking about the white stuff, on SW your sugar intake will be limited anyway because you only have a limited number of syns to play with. You can choose to use them however you like, whether that is on on chocolate and wine, or healthier choices such as hummous, nuts and seeds.
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Sugar is an enemy and hidden in so many things. I have banned sugar in most of my daily diet ie tea coffee cereal etc and replaced it with sweetner.... As it's in copius amounts in two of my favourite things which are wine and ketchup/sauces etc I try and only intake them if they're already in the above said foods! I obviously syn them where appropriate and of course wine is a once a week treat obviously! It's a struggle but will be sooooo worthwhile!!!
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Hiya I decided to try and cut my sugar down. My reason was more down to the amount of syns I was using. It felt that I was wasting them.

I now have sweetener on my cereal, cut my tea in take down and started to have 1/2 tsp of sugar rather than one.

I am finding it hard to get uses to tea with less sugar but I'm persisting as I know my tastebuds will soon adapt to it.

Good luck x


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Verobeach this is exactly what i mean....It's the hidden sugar that's my concern, companies such as Alpan light pile in sugar or fake sweeteners to hide the fact it's low fat (which lowers the taste)
Pretty much anything sweet that is marketed as low fat has more sugar than the higher fat original.
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I'm starting SW on March 1st, but I've been cutting down on my sugar intake for the past few months. The first day with absolutely no sugar was HELL...it's not a good idea to quit cold turkey. Needless to say, I decided to do start over and reduce it little by little. I think my palette has adapted. I'm really starting to dislike added sugar and sugary foods in general and I totally notice the thin film of plaque it leaves on the edges of my gums. Last week I had my first latte without sugar and I loved it. A year ago I could have never imagined coffee without sugar. I think your palette adapts. It's like when you stop eating hot sauce for a while, then start again, your tolerance is reduced. For me, it's the same with sugar; reduce your intake and it's overwhelming to eat as much as you used to. Oh, another good thing about reducing sugar is that fruit totally tastes like a naughty treat....grapes are totally candy now.
I found that I couldn't eat bought pasta sauces after I started making my own because they are far too sweet. It's ridiculous how much sugar is in them! I tend to avoid foods that list sugar as one of the top 5 ingredients.
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It's amazing how quickly your tastebuds adapt to eating less sugar. I used to eat a LOT of sugar before I started SW - mainly in things like chocolate, ice cream polo mints (a big addiction) and the hidden sugars in processed foods. Now I don't eat much processed food my sugar consumption has gone way down. A couple of days ago, after a month on SW, I bought some Alpen Lights as they were on offer - and I was really surprised to find they tasted so sweet. I had one in the morning and I didn't like it - it was like eating sweets for breakfast.

I always think it's so false when people on a diet say 'ooooh, I genuinely don't like chocolate any more' and so on, lol, but I'm a bit surprised to find that I can definitely do without these Alpen Lights in my life!

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