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Anyone else with agoraphobia/anxiety/pa?


I need chocolate now!!!
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Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to this site but am impressed with the large number of site users! I am wondering if there are any other members who suffer from agoraphobia or anxiety or panic attacks like I do? I can only leave the house if there is someone whom I trust and knows my condition with me. The farthest I can go alone is up to my local supermarket, a seven minute walk each way and I often panic whilst doing that. I have been agoraphobic since I was 16 and I am now 40. I also suffer from depression and I cannot work due to my problems. As for my weight, I have recently started dieting and have over 50lbs to loose. So if there is anyone with anything in common with me then please post or get in touch. Many thanks, Ellen
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Hi, I found this thread while looking for your stuffed mushrooms recipe. I haven't got agoraphobia myself but my mom has had it all of my lifetime. She used to be able to go to her usual places when she was younger and even had a cleaning job.... But could never go anywhere without my dad. When he died I became her crutch. My one word of advice is to make yourself go out as much as possible, as I found with mom that once out of the habit of going places she then refuses to go. I myself suffered panic attacks while in post natal depression so I have some idea of the feelings you get. Thankfully mine went once the PND went, but it did make me understand moms fears better. I'm sure there would be other forums with people in your position that could give you support.

About the losing 50lbs, I've lost just over that without exercise....(I'm allergic to that...lol) It can be done, I was 15st 8 and size 22 I'm now 11st 7 and size 14.....this site was a great help to me and still is.

Good luck with everything....now I'd better go and look for this mushroom recipe....xx


I need chocolate now!!!
S: 12st9lb C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 1st6lb(11.3%)
Hi Tracer, thanks very much for replying to this thread, I had given up hope that anyone ever would. I do make a point of going out every day as you are right in saying that if you stop going out for a while then it becomes harder. I'm sorry that your Mum leans on you so much, that must be very hard. I am going to Spain for a week in September with my sister and some of her friends and it is a really big test for me. My first time flying anywhere except to Britain but I am making myself do it.
I am rather allergic to exercise myself lol so good to know I can lose the weight without doing it and congrats on your fantastic loss, you must be proud of yourself. Hope to hear from you again, Ellen


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Hi Ellen :)

I'm not agoraphobic myself but my boyfriend is, luckily for him he isnt overweight but I am - very much so! lol so between the two of us I think we could understand what things are like for you :)

Well done on the weight loss so far, just keep it up, you can do it.

I think this exercise allergy must be contagious because I think I've got it too lol I think 'yeah I'll exercise later" but 'later' never comes. Bad habits are the hardest to break!

Are you going to cope ok travelling to Spain? I can tell it will be a MASSIVE confidence boost for you.

You're both right about making yourself go out everyday, my boyfriend has recently started to get into the habit of going out daily, we take the dog to the park, sometimes he can only manage to walk to the park and back, other times he can stay there for quite a while - we managed an hour the other day. I know it might sound patronising but I was so proud of him :D not every day is a 'good one' for him, but I think it's important to recognise the good ones when they do happen and to try not to focus on any 'bad' days.

So...good day, bad day, whatever, I'm here if you want to talk :)

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