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Anyone fancy being my SW buddy?

Hello there
I am doing Slimming World at home, and
I need a buddy for moral support. I am determined to lose weight this time. I don't need to lose loads (about 10lbs) but I find it difficult and a slow process. Knowing that I have a buddy will give me that extra motivation that I need. Hopefully we can share tips and ideas too.

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Hi Jojo, I'll be your buddy if you like?

I was only saying to my boyfriend this evening that i would really like an sw buddy for motivation.

I'm 30 years old and rejoined SW on the 2nd November at 13st 5lbs (im 5'8"), i have weigh in tomorrow, but last week weighed in at 12st 11lbs, really hoping to have lost again this week.

I've been lurking on here a while as i'm hardly ever brave enough to post lol

Hello MissHP, Ronnie and Safia

Let's all support each other. I am going to have a weigh in at home on a Tuesday morning. When do you all WI?

MissHP how did your WI go today?
When does everyone else WI?

I am trying to lose weight before I hopefully get pregnant. Then like Mrs_Davis I would like to stay on SW to maintain.

Also I have never used this site before, so I am still trying to work it all out, so please bear with me.

Good luck ladies.
Hi Jojo,

I've only done a few posts so i'm still trying to get the hang of it too! Missed class tonight as i've got a throat infection, but i've been really good all week so hopefully i'll have a good weigh in next tuesday. Is there a way of private messaging buddies on here? Or do we just keep updating this post?

Helen x
To be honest I have no idea! But I am sure there must be a way of doing it.- I will investigate!

I am ow having a problem finding out how to update my info

Do you write everything down that you eat each day? I am doing, as I tend to forget what I have eaten and sometimes forget to eat enough!

Hope you feel better soon.
I think i have just added you as a friend/contact on here - not sure if that means you can message me or not though lol. I will get the hang of this website lol

Hi helen

How are you today?

I have done well today, managed to avoid eating some muffins someone made and brought to work today. I took my half day off work today to go shopping and when I stopped for a coffee and didn't buy anything else. I just ate my grapes when I got back in the car! How long will this willpower last??

How are you doing?

Still not fathomed this messaging lark!

Jojo x
Hi Jojo,

Well done on resisting the muffins :D 'How long will the will power last'.... well i just keep thinking if i stay on plan i'll be a few more pounds lighter by Christmas day then I can allow myself a few naughties Christmas day then back onto plan (or as much as possible as i go on holiday boxing day)

I've been off work today as i'm still getting over this throat infection.

I've managed to resist all of the Christmas goodies in the house. I try not to buy anything naughty and then there's no temptation but can't really do that at the moment as want to have things to offer visitors.

There must be some way to private message each other? :confused: Does anyone know how we do this as I dont really want to put my email address on here for the world to see :(

Stick to it :) Until we work out how to message i'll just kept checking this post!

Helen x

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