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anyone from Cambridgeshire, UK?

Hi Blue butterfly and Emmaline!

I'm loving the environment in Cambridge. The weather is lovely right now.........
I really like the countryside...all the fresh air and abundant greenery.....I used to live in the city so this is a fantastic change!

It feels good to know that there are people nearby who are trying to lose weight too. It's such a struggle for me to stop binge eating.

Let's work at it!! =)
I love the countryside too.
My house backs onto just fields and that's all I can see. Last night I stood outside and about 100 geese landed in the field, it was amazing to watch, they're very noisy though!

But yes, rachellee....we can all do this! (Lose weight that is, not land in fields!)


Hippety Hop!

Just noticed that your weight is about 11st. I know that the correct weight is supposed to be about 9st thereabouts but 11, especially as you are the same height as me,is not too bad at all.
However, nothing worse than people who say you look fine when a few pounds would be an improvement.
Hope you can get things going - as for me I think I'm a lost cause!:eatdrink051:
Hi gals
the weather has been wet lately. Not the best for when you wanna go outside and exercise.

How have things been for you?

gosh Emmaline, I didn't realize we were the same height! we're little people yeah? =) Haha I'm the odd one out in my family, cos my parents and bro are all much taller! and skinnier!

I know that my weight though heavy is still not that bad...but it really gets me down. I know that I am not morbidly obese, but I really do feel out of place in my family. I think my low self-esteem doesn't help things.

I find it so hard to lose weight. I have food addiction and turn to food for stress relief, comfort etc. I've tried to get out of it...but I still haven't managed to.

I feel like a lost cause too. All my friends and family say that it is because I have no self-control, no willpower. They say weight loss is simply just eating less. IT sounds easy...but I can;'t do it.

I feel like giving up but yet I don;t want to. I want to be able to feel pretty for once in my life. I want to be able to wear normal clothes.

I haven't been doing great the past few days. Well, I haven't been gaining, but neither have I lost.

Let's work at it together ok gals!!!


Hippety Hop!
Really feel your angst!
I'm the shortest in my family but spinabifida has had a great deal to do with that.
I HAVE actually been really slim 4 times during my life and it felt so great. More energy, looking good whatever you wear, getting compliments etc,etc. And each time I said I wouldn't put it back on and then wonder how it came to this!!
Being diabetic as well just drives me mad as I have to watch the carbs for that too.
Am in the right mood for a good old moan I'm afraid.
To top it all am waiting for a repair man to call and see to my security thing on here - and wondering when the heck he's going to show up seeing as he said 1pm!!!:mad:
Hi emmaline
I don't know much about spina bifida, but I think it is the incomplete closure of the spinal column at birth? I read that there are various degrees of the condition.

What type of diabetes do you have? My doc says that I am at high risk of diabetes 2. I've been told to watch to my sugar intake and cut back on my weight.... Funny how I am so aware of the seriousness of diabetes, yet I'm still bingeing. It's almost like I become someone else when I eat.....

I was slim twice in a life. The last time being 9 years ago. Oh the compliments, and the confidence I had. But it was a veneer, cos I lost the weight via unhealthy restriction....and despite my confident image, inside I was still the insecure me. Fast foward 9 years, and here I am.

did you repairman come finally? =)

I super carbo loaded so far. I feel dejected. i have to stop this vicious cycle.
I am with you every inch of the way!!
Find I sort of binge then feel worse than I did before I started and get so exasperated with myself for not being able to be stronger. Makes me feel like a bad person.And as for the veneer you speak of, I felt just the same and whilst on one hand I enjoyed the compliments on the other hand I would get quite embarrassed about all the attention so I really feel that I ate to get out of the situation. Now being 76 it is so hard to lose it again especially with the different meds that I have to take.
Am T2 Diabetes and controlled - wait for it - by diet only! lol. Trouble is the pain I have from my back makes me very tired and grumpy and I get so I can't be bothered with the hastle of watching my diet.
And yes, he did turn up abot 6pm. Say no more!!!:pcwhack:
Hi Emmaline
Sorry to hear about the back pain. I hope it doesn't make moving around for you too difficult. Are you on any painkillers?
I agree, it's so hard to keep positive and motivated. I feel so defeated even before I start.
Have you thought about what makes you overeat?
For me it is my anxiety...whenever I get anxious I eat to numb myself. I've tried to control myself but I've not managed.
My friends tell me...the only way to prevent the onset of DM2 is to cut down...but like you said, it's so difficult. I want to give up and just give in to being overweight and miserable for the rest of my life...but this little bit in me is going: NO.....you want more out of your life!!
How's your eating going?

I'm at my wit's end. I'm don't know how to stop overeating. Am researching on the Cambridge diet and am interested in starting on it.

HAng in there!
Hi Rachellee,
Yes, I do take painkillers for my back but unfortunately can only take them in the morning because a second dose gives me "restless legs" and any stronger ones, which I have tried, just make me like a zombie. When you live on your own it's not safe to be incapable of doing things. I just have to grin and bear it.

I too feel like saying "What the heck, is this struggle worth it?" But really that feeling of being nice and slim is so great, isn't it? I tend to overeat thro' boredom more than anything, especially as some days I am unable to do very much at all.
After being very active, playing badminton, gardening, even had an allotment, and loads of linedancing which I so loved, 4-5 nights a week sometimes, it's so hard now I can't do any of that.
I'm so pleased I have found someone with the same outlook as myself, please keep in touch.
Onwards and upwards!
Hi Emmaline
I'm pretty impressed that you live on your own. ( It's meant as a compliment, and not an insult)=). Often, I know of many people above the age of 70 who find it hard to manage alone. How do you do it?

I'm sorry to hear that the back pain is impeding your activities. But thumbs up for grinning and bearing it. =) what activities do you do now in the meantime? Do you knit? I'm thinking of picking up knitting.....but it looks tough!

I love dancing too! Well, not line dancing, but salsa. I used to be very active, but my weight gain caused me to lose alot of self esteem, such that I don't really do much dancing anymore. I know that I should be less superficial....but I I guess my lack of self-esteem is deep rooted.

You must really have green thumbs.....fancy even having an allotment of your own. haha, I must profess that I'm really bad with plants. I enjoy nature and looking at them....but I can't look after them for nuts. I've tried previously, and despite following instructions...my plants withered. yikes...

Yeah, it's great to have found each other! =) The world seems like a much happier place when you know there's people out there who share the same outlook at you.

I've researched on the cambridge diet, but I don't think I will be embarking on it just yet. It's my self-esteem that needs working on. I eat out of anxiety...and to numb out my feelings of inadequacy.....

Been eating healthily for the past few days. cutting back on unhealthy snacks and loading up on strawberries and blueberries. Mmmm....

keep in touch!
Hi Rachelee,
Thanks for the compliment about living on my own. Been doing that for many a year now. Used to get quite depressed about not finding another partner but have come to terms with that now. As regards activities that is a big NIL. Bought a DVD "armchair workout" and then realsed I don't have a DVD player!:D How daft is that?
It feels great when you can really get into the zone of a proper eating regime, doesn't it? Makes you feel - if only I could stick to it now!!
Are you able to do much in the way of exercising? I would love to lose just another stone so I can get into my swimsuit and then I will go swimming again. At least that will be a little something.
Had quite a good day today. Hooray!!
Have never looked into the Cambridge diet but always do the OLD WW which I know off by heart. But it's all a case of mindset in the end whatever one you follow, isn't it?
Well, keep up the good work. Let's look forward to being new "slimjims" in the not too distant future,:)
Hi Emmaline
sorry for the late reply. I've just moved house and the internet has still not been activated. I hope you had a good birthday! How are you?

I haven't managed to be good about my diet and weight. I know it's the emotional eating....and its something I have to really work on...

How has WW been going for you? I've never tried it....am planning on starting the cambridge diet in about a month's time..cos currently I'm in quite an upheaval with the new house and changes in life routine and schedule.

Keep in touch!
Hi Rachellee, Thought you had disappeared off the arena.lol.
Expect you are in an awful upheaval it takes a while to get things sorted, but glad you are keeping it in mind to start soon.
I have turned over a new leaf and started on my diet for real losing several pounds so far. One of the things that has helped to spur me on is that I have started a diary on here under the section of Members Only Diaries.
Do hope you soon get to organising a good food regime. Never done the Cambridge one. Isn't that where you buy quite a lot of stuff like wafer biscuits. With mine I just adapt my "ordinary" foods to suit but have to weigh each portion.
All the best for getting things sorted whichever way.
Good for you Emmaline! Well done, keep it up! I'm rooting for you =)

yup, I'm stuck in a rut right now. But there's a glimmer of hope in me, a spark that refuses to give up. I know that there is a whole world out there for me if I change my outlook towards life.....

I think that the concept of WW is a good one, allowing one to eat normally, at the same time teaching you about portions. I don;t think I have the ability to deal with so many choices though. Too many choices stress me out. Cambridge diet is a meal replacement program and I am hoping that it will help alleviate some of the anxiety I have over food. eg: how much to eat, what I can eat....

I intend to start the diet in 3 weeks time, when my house moving has been settled. Am excited yet scared at the same time. I am so scared of the emotional downs that the diet will bring. I am so used to turning to food to relieve my feelings...I am so scared of who I may turn into when I don't have my food to calm me down. But I don't want to be dependent on food anymore either.

who knew that one can be addicted to food like a drug? It's something that none of my friends believe and understand that one can have.
oops, I can't access your diary emmaline. think it's cos I've accumulated 50 posts yet. still I wish you all the best! congrats on the recent weight loss!
Hi Rachellee, That running to food thing - what about doing what I do and run to the Minimins forum? Just a couple of minutes will train your mind off it's usual stuck channel. Also, if you can get Paul McKenna's book which contains a CD it will help you to relax and get into a different frame of mind. I have found it invaluable.I actually eat very much more slowly now and often put my knife and fork down several times during a meal which was exremely foreign to me at one time. AND I can stop eating when I BEGIN to feel full!
All the best for your planned start - and don't be fearful, be confident - You CAN do it!
Hi emmaline
It's great that you are able to eat just the right amount! I'm looking forward to the day when I can actually eat only when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full and not overstuffed.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I've been okay. Trying not to fixated on my weight and letting my weight be the ruler of my self-esteem and mood. It's difficult though. I have linked my confidence to weight for so long that as long as I can't get my weight down, I don't allow myself to be happy.

If I want my weight loss to be long term and not just temporary (unlike previous times), I cannot link my happiness to my weight. I must not let my self-esteem be based solely on how I look and how much I weigh.

It's a mental struggle. I'm hanging in there!

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