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Anyone from Northeast England

Hi Guinevere, yes I am and yes I would!
All new to me the exante world and the vlcd too, so embracing the freedom of not having to battle with 'shall I shant I eat it'!
How far you into it? or just starting?
I know darcy...bloomin amazing! Am over the moon with it. Got to 12:10 earlier this year then been well and truly stuck/lazy/shiftless since then really. So to be pound under really seems to be on the way again now! Whoooo hoooo!
Doing AAM from tomorrow so see where that takes me!
have good rest of week!
Hi Guinevere, happy to say thats gone for me now, tummy rumbles but nothing that I feel odd about.
Have you done it before? I only discovered it on here, after reading up about pauline quirke and a search took me here!
Am tortoise slow looser normally so 16 lbs, mind blowing in a month!
Off on jolly tomorrow night, so not back till friday keep me updated on North East progress!
Hi Guinevere, hows it going? You into day 4??
Must say it does get easier, I do the structure where I dont have to think about food. Juts doing AAM week and that not too bad either. I think once the losses start you do think differently about it all....like the differnt style of life is worth it...the food sacrifices I mean...
Anyway way too deep for friday eve!!
Have good weekend let me know how youre getting on!!


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Not North East Born lol (north west girl) but I have lived there for 4 years now ;) so good to see some other people from the area! You are both doing really well and 16lbs loss is fab :D
hi dawn, 16 lb loss is so fab. Makes it all worth it. Day 14 for me tomorrow. been to the metro centre most of day, don't think of food when there's more important things to do....... Like shopping! x x
Hi sparkle! Dreaming of shopping! Waiting till I get few months along before I do the new clothes thing.
14 days in means you through worst bit then, Im in aam week now and thats seems ok too.
My first time on a vlcd and waiting to see if I can do 14lbs in this second month too....that would be stupendous! Got friends and OH's dad for sunday lunch so better get shifted and get that chicken and green veg on!!
Have good long weekend!


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So looking forward to the metro centre Christmas sales!!! Should be able to buy much smaller sizes by then ;)

Dawn you seem to be doing well on AAM, I start tomorrow :D

Hope you all have a great loss this week!
Hi katt,
Yes aam is fine! not sure how it will effect weight loss, but even if its a plus for a week, then surely thats part of the process.
I think as its protein and green veg or salad, I still like the structure. So if the rule for a week is a meal and two shakes, then so be it. Think thats worked in my head!?? ( a scary place my head sometimes!!).
Havent been tempted to overscoff or pick at other stuff so all good so far!
Packed my plate last night with green veg so didnt feel deprived as plate was chocca!
Best part for me though is OH dad with us till tues, and hasnt noticed not eating, just call me david copperfield with my slight of hand!! Big relief as hes very blunt (not in a bad way, but just asks what he thinks) and didnt fancy the explanations.
So all in all, good aam process so far!
Have good sunday....OH and dad gone to saltburn for a breakfast scoff...(more of my slight of hand suggesting the go!!), bet its bloomin windy!
Honestly sparkle hasnt felt like that at all. And believe you me Im a big fat scoffer outside of Exante world!! Am looking forward to be being back on 3 shakes a day. (OK did I really just think that!!)
Sure it be fine for you too!
Thanks Dawn.
My son says he can't wait till I can have food. He says he's worried about how little I'm eating. He's only 10 years old and it's hard to explain it to him. Bless him. x x


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I think you should be having 3 shakes and a meal on AAM week?

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