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Anyone got a Renault Megane?


Happily on CD
If so, then what is it like to drive? Is it nice and roomy and what sort of room is there in the boot?

I am thinking of getting a 1.6L Dynamique but want to know what they are like before I do so....

Don't be afraid to tell me they're crap or to sing their praises :D

I've almost always had Nissan's because we got such good service & deals from the local dealer but when i got my last new car they were absolutely appalling and have also ripped me off with the one I drive now :mad:

My friend has got a Renault Modus but it's a bit too small for me, a 16yr old and two dogs as well as a whole load of shopping and bits and pieces, this is why i thought maybe a Megane. I also like the fact that they've got a big bum and as Mini will tell you - my own bum is certainly enormous :D

Oh yeah, are they reliable?
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I almost bought one this time around, but part of the reason I went for the Peugeot was there was more legroom for my girls, although there is a little less boot space.

Also got a friend who's Renalt Megane Scenic has been in and out of the dealers since she got it on Motability - brakes, oil, all sorts.

DH's Renault Laguna exploded on the A23 and he had to have a new engine fitted, but it was done under warranty.

Sorry, it sounds like all bad news but I know they CAN be good cars too....


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I had a renault megane- I have it no more! One day the computer system playfully decided to go mental; my auto box was changing gear every five seconds, my hazards were flashing my windows were going up and down and my no seat belt warning was flashing. Absolutely terrifying. When the AA came out the guy said, ' ah, it's renault megane!' and knew exactly what to do. I had problems with the steering as well and after just 18 months traded for a, wait for it, NISSAN!!!!!!! A micra which I am truly delighted with. hope that helps!

Love Barb xxx


Happily on CD
Oh dear, doesn't sound very good does it? Maybe I'll look at a Peugeot instead :rolleyes:

Barb, I won't have another Micra after the problems I had with my last one :cry: . I have had loads of the older Micra's and when i had enough money I decided to get one of the new shaped ones. In the 8mths I kept that car I think it was in the garage being repaired for about 5 of them :eek: :rolleyes: . I'm not joking either, more's the pity :mad:

I brought it home and it hadn't been valeted so was minging inside and stained all the back of my new trousers so went back to be cleaned.

Then there was a huge oil leak all over out newly laid drive :eek:. It went in to have that fixed and they damaged something else so it leaked something else. Then the brakes started sticking and wouldn't work properly. The wipers went crazy and would only work when I washed the windows - not good when it rains LOL

It was a flaming nightmare really :rolleyes: . I've got an 02 Almera now but they messed me about with that at the garage as well and it had to go in 5 times for one job to be done grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I just wish I could manage without a car but I can't - going to have to decide which to go for and soon!

Queenie, which Peugeot have you got hunny?


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I think it is very much about luck I think.

We have had a Megane with no problems. Thinking about getting the convertable type now.

I currently have a Peugeot 407 company car with all the bits and it constantly tells me I have a puncture, the heated seats wouldn't turn off, now they have given up altogether. That said, I have had 1 x 405 and 2 x 406's and thought each was brilliant.

The best all round car, which I think is really good value second hand is a Vauhall Zafira. I had one of those too and stupidly chose the 407 after it, because it "looked better" - never again lol.


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See it just shows you - for every good story there is a bad and vica a versa. If you really fancy one go for it. i did have probs but despite that I would still say it is one of the sexiest looking cars around. Very comfy, fab boot and competitively priced. There, thats me firmly on the fence then!

Love Barb xx
I had a megane last year and loved it, no problems with it, good to drive and lots of little extras and gadgets. We only changed it when DH got a company car and he had to search to feel he wasn't losing out.

I think every car has a good and bad story to go with it, I'd say go along and test drive one as well as the other cars you are interested in. We got ours after having it as a hire car on hols for a week and really liked it.

HTH - all the best