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anyone had probs losing on other diets but found the answer in slim/save?


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Im really worried have thyroid problem or perhaps its just im getting older but no matter how hard I try counting calories, sliming world, exercise I just struggle to drop the pounds .. its really getting me down, particularly as having important occasion end of summer and really really need to get at least 3 stone off :( just hoping slim and save is the answer to my prayers, if I get good results I just know i'll stick to it the whole way through just worried reducing my calories even further will not help - sliming world lady has drummed that into me enough times !!!
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Hi Lebody, sorry to hear about your thyroid problem and dieting woes! I know diets are tough and it's hard to get weight off... I struggle myself - but the good news is, that I have never EVER known anyone NOT to lose weight on a VLCD - it WILL come off so long as you stick with it 100% !
With calorie counting I find I need to be very strict and monitor EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth and any small slip ups stall the whole process... at least with packs you don't need to worry about ANYTHING. Just have your packs + water + milk allowance + a little bit of veg... and you'll drop those stone for sure.

I can't tell you how quickly you'll lose it because that is down to genetics. Most people do lose between 10lb-14lb per month, so you'll be very close to your target if you stick with it for just 3 small months! :)

Good luck



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hi Minerva, thanks for your reply really positive and encouraging .. suddenly thought im being investigated for ovarian cyst wndering if this that's stopping me losing any significant amt of weight and if so wondering if can still lose on slim / save . mmm hope so :(


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I had thyroid problems and lost 7 stone on a vlcd. Sadly I gained again due to pregnancy but it definitely came off nicely enough. I'm back on it as of today using up some old packs and getting my trial pack of slim and save tomorrow. I can't lose weight on a conventional diet.
Hi welcome and I wish u success on ur weight loss journey. I think slim/save will work for u if u stick to it.


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I've had all of the tests under the sun to find out why I couldn't lose weight. I've previously had a very large dermoid ovarian cyst, I have pcos, endometriosis, fibroids and currently 3 endometriod cysts on my one remaining ovary. Put a list of 20 symptoms of underactive thyroid in front of me and I can tick them all off. But there is nothing wrong with it. I've had every diet pill available, seen a dietician, an endocrinologist and have fully paid up membership to every diet club out there. The end result of all that - reaching my top weight ever and only managing to shift a grand total of 3 stone in 5 years.

Then I found vlcd's. I've now beeen dabbling in vlcd/low carb for around 7 months. I've lost a smidge short of 5 stone in those few months. The more I learn about ketosis, the more I am convinced of my own carbohydrate intolerance, and the more I learn about this, the more my failed past attempts make sense to me. There are some very interesting books and blogs around that can tell you more about this if you are interested, but first and foremost, from someone who has been there and struggled for over 25 years to lose weight only to get bigger and bigger - I can absolutely guarantee to you that a ketogenic vlcd WILL work if you stick with it. I'm living walking proof of that, and it's fantastic!

miss vlcd38

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Ive got under active thyroid and im on medication for it. Even so I can lose weight on slim and save but other diets its another story. Ive been doing sw red days for 3 weeks and ive lost 2lbs. Its very slow for me on other diets.

So to lose weight for me I need to do slim and save.


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slim and save is the only thing thats worked for me, it takes away temptation and i never feel deprived as i know i can have a meal x good luck
I can't/don't lose weight on diets such as weight watchers or slimming world. I'll go down 2lbs up 1lbs etc. but I do lose on VLCD I'm convinced I have pcos and insulin resistance, but only advice I get from GP is to lose weight to control symptoms so VLCD it is for me. Lost over 5st 5 years ago. Gained 20lbs back as let my halo slip so trying slim and save

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