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anyone have fibromyalgia

Hi, I have never been formally diagnosed but have wondered if I have it from things I have read. How did you get a diagnosis? My GP just snorted when I mentioned the possibilty.


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god i hate dr's! you need a referal to a rhuematologist. or you could go to see one privately, best option really. expect to pay about 150 quid for initial consultation though. if you google fibromyalgia, there is an association that are very helpful.

good luck and let me know how you get on, i am hoping losing weight will help my symptoms.

also get your thyroid checked as if its underactive you can get similar symptoms.

try to get regular rest, and make sure your sleep pattern is regular.

Hi I replied to Blonde Logic when she mentioned Fibromyglia about 10 days ago, as i also have it.

As i said in post much better than i was but no help from G.P really apart from telling her that the dosage of medication was too high to enable me to function at work and home.

I was diagnoised after many years of neck,shoulder pain...i had it for 25+ years never went to G.P just tried relaxation techniques and massage and osteopath,until i got the severe fatigue, pain thet kept me awake at night(by then it had affected my arms and elbows terribly).

I have always had a weight management problems from 8ibs to 3 stones at the heaviest but i dont think it was the weight gain that did it .
Feel it was always there, perhaps i have always been too busy and active doing 2 jobs etc and my body said enough!

Now i sleep so well always felt i did but never needed very much just 4 or 5 hrs but with medication 25mg Amtripline night slleep about 6 to 7 hrs solid no pain. I was prescribed tramadol for the pain but found they did not help and would rather not take any thing i dont need so just have the above .

Hope that you get some relief from the pain,stress, sleepness,fuzzy head,I.B.S ..........and all the other ailments that one gats with this complaint ..Maria


a new way of living!
hi fitter, thanks for the reply, so there is hope for me yet! i am also on a similar drug to sleep , and although i sleep better my pain is not that much better.

seeing doc again soon so will see what he suggests next, also i have neck, shoulder and elbow pains, neck and elbow quite new pains, but sore! also go numb too, and oh yeah the brain fog! i feel better on less meds too as i kept getting gastritis.

will post again when i see the doc, hoping another couple of stones off will help too.

take care


Tina T

Silver Member
I was told in 1989 that I have Fibromyolgia.
I went to the Dr. for something else, and was ref. to a rheumatologist who told me I had Osteo Arthritis and then said that I also have Fibromyolgia which is worse than the arthritis.
I was given Amtripline to help with the bad nights, but had to stop them in Feb. when I had a heart attack.
The thing I find hard to cope with is the bad feet and leg cramps, also IBS.
I have started SW to halp me lose some weight, which I am hoping will also help with my health, and make life better.!!!!


a new way of living!
good luck tina, I am happy to say that my symptoms have reduced since losing weigh, took a while to notice the diff, almost 2 stone, but defo an improvement in pain.

Tina T

Silver Member
The one thing I have found is I'm sleeping better, This could be to do with the heart meds i'm on. Still got lots of pain but some of that is the arthritis as well. Am hopeing this will change when some more weight comes off. xx
Hi Im off to doc on friday to find out if she thinks I definatly have fibro, and possibly ME My symptoms are very similar to everybody else, pain is terrible in shoulders and am finding it hard to work now! I will keep checking in I think to see how everybody is getting on coz I really need a cheer up, am losing weight on cd and have lost 7lb am hoping it will help.


a new way of living!
oooh it will dont worry just stick with it, its made a lot of diff to me, i still get tired but pain is much better.
i tried for DLA but very hard to get with fibro, better off losing what you can and keeping yourself employed. good luck.
thanks, agree totally, dont want to claim dla, i miss people at work at the moment while im off and can't wait to go back and join in the fun even if i do come home k#######d! Full time cleaner so it does take it out of me.
bye tiz:)
Just need to let of steam feeling low at the moment. Have been having a few bad days. Cramps and pains in elbows knees and hips have got worse. Had to go to Dr. with bad tummy, only to be told that it was my IBS that had reared it ugly head, for the first time since I started SW 13 weeks ago. I'ts left me with no energy, and feeling very tired.
The problem with that is it means can't do my walking each day so weight loss not too good at the moment.
Sorry to just go on about things, I know i'm not the only one with problems, just needed to let it out.!! :sigh::(:sigh:

I have fibro and if you have been diagnosed i so feel bad for you. i was diagnosed 4 years ago and it does affect my life. Hope you get on ok.xxx:cry:


a new way of living!
hope you are feeling better tina. I tried reikie recently and it was really good, i had such an energy buzz afterwards!

worth a try.

also tried accupuncture, but less effective, i thought after a while that is someone is going to stick pins in your feet and toes that hurt, eventually your body is going to say 'i'm better for heavens sake just stop the damned needles!!' lol.

reikie, peaceful and painfree treatment, worked for me :) i know a good therapist but he is in bham area.

sending healthy vibes!

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