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Anyone In Kent Medways Towns who want a buddy


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Hi I am in the Medway Towns and wondering if there is anyone close by who wishes to buddy up and maybe meet for walks, gym or swimming. I am doing my diet alone as hubby and daughter skinny minnies and keep falling at the first hurdle.

So if you want to buddy up would love to hear from you. ;)
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I'm good thanks. That's Rosemary Conley isn't it?

Have you thought of doing the C25K programme - for running. I did it, and trust me, if I can, anyone can!

Love the motorbike ticker by the way. Do you ride?
Yes passed motorbike test this year. What is the C25K not heard of that.Where abouts r u hailing from? :)


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Well be careful. I had an accident, only little and have never got back on since. Still follow/go to the racing though.

Rainham. You?

It is couch to 5k. Builds you up in intervals, starting at 1 minute. It does wonders for boosting weight loss though.
Had accident last year,broke wrist and fractured collar bone but back on,nervous but getting there.

I'm in Strood. Will have to look into the couch to 5k and find out where its run from.

You are doing really well on your weight loss.


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I go to Cobham has the best time for me. Monday morns after school run.

But its keeping motivated the other days as hubby and daughter are naturally slim and me naturally curvy (way too curvy). I start off with all good plans and then it goes out the window at dinner time. I am going away 1st wk of August and the way I am going I will be heavier than ever :cry::cry:


Starting over again......
Aw dear!

Do you keep a diary of your food etc? I've found doing that religiously on here has really helped!

Do you know what your triggers are? I.e. why do you get to lunchtime then go off piste?

I have an RC book somewhere, and love one of her recipes (black-eyed bean casserole) so I am guessing you are quite happy with the diet itself?

Can you get your hubby/daughter to go out riding or something with you? I try and do that with my wee lad.

You have 3 weeks till the beginning of August, it's not so long really. What I mean is - if you take one day at a time, write it all down - look for the danger points - you could do a lot of good in that time. And the three weeks will fly by, then next thing you know, you could have knocked off quite a few lbs!


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Hi Shep, have you tried using Myfitnesspal? It's fantastic for keeping track of what you eat each day, it sets your weight goal and you can "earn" extra calories when you log any exercise you do too.
I'm in Strood too but can't afford gym membership so I'm doing Jillian Michaels 30day shred and C25K when I can make time. Plus loads and loads of walking.


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same here leisure center just round corner but so expensive was just thinking of going swimming during the day.
Where r u in Strood maybe could meet for walk?
My phone isn't smart so can't have fitness pal, hoping to get smart fone next week so 1st app will b that one


Still trying!
Sorry I took so long. I live near Station Road. I did belong to the gym at the leisure centre but it just seemed so expensive for the number of times I was going. For some reason I find it easier to make myself go out for a run/walk than a walk up to the gym for a workout. At the moment work is getting in the way of working out. Lol! But I do the shred when I can and I've got Wii fit which is a great way to get moving.

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