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Anyone just started with LOADS to lose?

Hiya, I too have loads to lose - I started 6wks ago on Sole Source Plus and my top weight was 21st 8lbs.

I'm aiming for 11st 07lbs which will mean a loss of just over 10st.

Good luck on your weight loss journey!
Altogether I need to lose 12-12 to get to goal.I've lost 23.5 pounds so inching closer :) I have no idea how I'll look or feel when I get to goal as I haven't been slim since I was 18 and I'm now 37.
Hi, I have about 7-8 stone to lose to reach my ideal goal and more if I can do it but when I look at it like that it seems a long long way away so I am taking everyday and every weigh in at a time and just trying my very best I am on my fourth week now doing ok so far….. So fingers crossed I can reach my goal and I wish you luck with yours too.
I have about 7 stone to lose. I set my goal weight at 10 stone so that I can see how I feel, but what's a few extra weeks if I can get to 9 stone and be happier...
Well I have alot to lose also but its not feeling like such a long journey on cd thank goodness! I was 23st 6 when I started and first time lasted a week or so! Anyway started again at 22st 12 and in 5 weeks Im down to 20st 12!!! Im aiming to get to 11 stone so still another 9 stone to lose.....gosh 5 weeks ago I had 11 stone!! Damnnnnn xx


Slimming for my children
Hi there I weigh 17.7 and for my height (5"4) I am meant to be 9 stone. so am aiming for 10 to be on the safe side and then any extra is a bonus!
You can do it.
i had 10 stone to lose, i have lost 23.5 pounds so just over 8 to go, it wont take long hunni, its not such a long journey once you get started. To me the weeks just whizz by and before you know it your having to get clothes to fit your shrinking body

good luck hun, if you ever need a chat feel free to PM me


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