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anyone know about claiming benifits?

Thought i would ask here, perhaps someone will know?

i am at the moment classed as a single parent of 2 children and am in receipt of income support and i also claim disability (for myself)

I am moving in with my partner from wales to england by the end of august..

i know i will lose my income support..

we can claim tax credits (on his wages thankfully) not much though :(

does anyone know if i can still get my disability?

i dont want to live of him, not fair..

anyone know?

and also can i still get help getting to work via disability when i am not claiming income support? plus child care costs etc :(

thanks for any help you can give :D
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I would have thought you would still be able to, because your disability won't just disappear. My dad gets disability and he is married.
Tried to edit my post, but I am having a senior moment!

I didn't see your last question (senior moment see!!) I don't know about the childcare travel element, is that through your disability or your income support?


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I dont see any reason why you shouldnt still get your disabilty as far as im aware the ammount you get is based on the disability rather than any other income also it mite be worth while looking into if your partner can claim carers allowance or it could be attendance allowance im not sure as im in scotland but look into it hope this helps


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I could be wrong ( i have been before lol ;) ) but i dont think DLA is means tested so therefore that should be unaffected.

As for the childcare element of Tax Credits, you will only qualify in the first instance if you're in receipt of Working Tax Credit. Therefore if you only receive Child Tax Credit (and no WTC) then you will not qualify for the Childcare Element. There are other qualifying factors, which will determine firstly if you're entitled and second, how much you're entitled to. Also your childcare provider must be registered. The maximum you'd be awarded through the Childcare Element is 80% of your childcare costs, but may be less depending on your income. But best to ring HMRC & find out from them.

Not sure about the travel thing though, but i would imagine if that is linked to your DLA (and not your IS) then you would still get that.

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