New Cambridge 2023/2024 Losing to Maintaining Journey Together

I'm finding carnivore easier than keto. I'd wander into keto baking and puddings when I was keto. More protein leaves me much more satisfied. I occasionally have mushrooms or avocado- but am almost always meat, eggs and a little dairy.
I'd love to be able to do that but I'm far too much of a big child and I moan when I restrict too much 😆
Wow!!!!!! Hi everyone. Amazing to see the thread has been busy. Hope you’re all doing well. I went a bit whhhooooooooooooohooooooooo in January lol.
Switching to similar diet but much cheaper. Arrives next week. Can’t wait to start. Do not want all the weight ive lost to creep back on. Half a stone back on from normal food this last 2 months.
So 2.5 stone to shift. (Still have kept 2 stone off).
Day 1 of new season 🤣 I have weighed. Ouch. So 3 stone is my aim now. Hoping for a stone a month . I have big events from then and I need to feel amazing. Need to keep this in my head.

So I’ve started today on 1-1 Cambridge using my remaining packs until the new packs arrive hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday. Probably 4 packs realistically so 800 kcal a day. It’s a bit less on the other diet.

Need to stop all other food. So hard with the kids food everywhere and them eating constantly.

I can do this.
So today was my first proper day as my new products arrived and were waiting for me when after work. Such a busy day I only had time for coffee. This meant I’ve been able to have my 4 packs since 4pm today which is perfect. Very odd getting used to them. But I’m so pleased o can finally just focus on this diet food and not eat off plan for a whole. Looking forward to shedding the lbs now.
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Day 3 done yesterday. Wasn’t hungry at all and great energy. I’ve really missed this. Another crazy busy work today today and i know I’ll stay on plan.
2 birthdays at work yesterday and I said no to cake and I saved a meal for when I got back home late last night.

Down 4lbs since Wednesday.
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4 days done and 5.2lbs gone 🥰 wowzers.
I really am looking forward to throwing clothes back on without being squished into them.
Wonder what the Wednesday weekly weigh in will be.
Thank you lovely. I had to take myself to bed early last night determined not to eat an extra pack.

Worth it as now 6lbs down. Weighing daily to keep motivated.

Might I have a May birthday for once where on
Not telling myself I need to lose a lot of weight and I’m going to start. I could potentially be at my goal. Got to keep this in mind apart from all the events/ work events/ dates I have in mind.
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Just checked my weight diary since the start. Another half stone and I’ll be back to my lowest weight since starting this journey.

I’m off work this week. It would be lovely to go back having lost a stone since starting back on this plan. I even ordered the next two weeks worth of the months food yesterday so I have more variety and to make sure I have everything I need.

Good luck everyone. Spring is coming xx
I found it good to have choice when I did a vlcd - but also had my regulars that I wanted everyday!
O Interesting, what do you do in the air fryer. Ive just recently bought one tp reduce the electricity cost when reheating foods
Oh I’m just making my food replacement packs in it. But I make the kids food in there. Everything from filled bagels and wraps to all sorts of dinners. You can pretty much cook everything in it. I’ve started using the bake option for the cake packs on my plan too. When I’m back to regular food I’ll get adventurous. Stuffed chicken breasts are good and I’ve made tandoori chicken. Love doing potato spiced wedges.
Tomorrow will be weekly weigh in. Gosh it’s not been easy staying track today but I have. Feel empty not hungry but I could easily eat everything.
Can’t wait for the next order to arrive as I need more options.
I have ordered gelatine and a silicon mould so I can make gummies with my water flavouring powders. I need to be able to snack here and there and for it not to do damage.

Going to get puppy ( he’s new since before Christmas) to bed and then myself.

I hope the scales are good to me tomorrow. 6.4lbs so far this week.
Weekly weigh-in this morning is 7.2lbs off. Half a stone. Amazing so 39.8lbs of the 47lbs to go.

I had 69lbs to lose when I started in July. It’s nice to be in the 30’s. I’m glad to took myself to bed last night and stayed on track. Feeling determined. Need to stick with it and my new order is coming today.

Lunch out with my tweens and our friends. I’m bringing coffee and I’ll make noodles in my flask to bring.
I feel so much better already! What a difference a week on plan makes. I’ve lost the extra chins. I feel better in my clothes already. I must remember this next time I feel wobbly.
Back from lunch where I couldn’t even order a coffee lol. So I focused on the chat not what everyone was eating. Then home to yummy Mexican chilli and tacos on my plan in peace.
Over 7lbs off in one week is amazing, well done
Wow what an amazing loss!!