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Anyone on SS+

starting tomorrow! Been told by CDC that i can only go on SS+ as i would need doctors permisison to go on just SS, so im just going to take the 200mls skimmed milk option, does anyone do SS+and have a meal? hows your weight loss if you do?
also, have any of you been told to stay on SS+ but secretly just doing SS and not adding the extra meal/skimmed milk?
thanks yhoo :)
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I am doing a mixture of SS+ and SS. I know technically you should do one or the other but I have found no difference to my losses by adding about 3 SS+ meals a week. Seem to lose 4 pounds doing SS on it's own and the same with some meals. Makes it more manageable in my opinion.

If you add a meal- then make sure you do stick to the list in the book and don't add anything.

Not sure about going against what CDC suggested. There must be a reason you are contraindicated for SS.


hi i have changed my CDC the one i was going to was 30 miles away and she didnt bother to tell me there was one down the street from me!!
my new CDC told me i didnt need doctors permission and she reccomended that i SS only, so thats what im doing :) i want fast weight loss at first so would rather not SS+ at the minute
well ive had one shake, a banana one, tastes a bit funny but ill get used to them!
Hi vampalicious!

I've been on cd for 7 weeks now, just going into my 8th week and my cdc suggsted ss+ with the 200mls skimmed milk but I find anything other than my shakes/soups/porridge just tastes funny these days so I am ss and havent mentioned this to my cdc - not sure its a major problem as long as you're being sensible and having all your cd packs in the day.

I think that just cutting out anything other than your packs is the best option, for me anyway, as it just removes food from the equation and i dont even think about food now.

Good that you found another cdc and you're happier with her though.

Good luck on the diet - you'll do great and the fast weight loss you want is just around the corner huni!!! You'll find the flavours you like and just avoid the rest - most cdc's - i think - will change any flavours that you have that you dont like so dont be afraid to ask to swap them for what you do like. xx
thanks deb, im the same as you, i dont want food at all thats why i declined the soups/porridge, i dont want any food in my life at the minute so i wont risk temptation :)

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