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Anyone out there doing this for the LAST time??? I mean Literally >>>FINAL <<<


has to be done this year
If your like me and has done this before and lost masses of weight and thought 'omg Im actually here, I cant believe I'm slim' and you promised yourself you would never put on even a pound and watched everything u ate....... BUT then in a short period of time BANG you came back to the 'start' something you said you would never do again....who's been there b4? I bet so many people are thinking 'meeee' ....If anyone out there is doing this for the last time, then join me for our last final journey xxx
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Hippety Hop!
Yes Meeee!!

Hi Pixar, that is def me as at the age of 76 don't think I have much time left to do this again!...:D (Shall I write my obituary?!!.lol!)
Lost weight for the first time when I was about 17 and then at least 4 other times during my life and each time - Noo! Never, ever go back on again!!
So frustrating, isn't it?
Find this forum such a help and am quite addicted to logging on and trawling thro' the posts.


has to be done this year
Who CAN'T wait to see single figures on the scales and on clothes sizes ???

Who CAN'T wait to see single figures on the scales and on clothes sizes???

if yr thinking >>>>MEEE<<<<

then hit me up so we can all follow the journey together xxx


has to be done this year
wow yr 76, you sound so passionate and full of energy. I admire yr energy and enthusiasm:)...u seem to be on the right track and have done very well so far. I hope you achieve yr goal very soon. I hate that feeling of coming back to the start, we go through all that agony and stress to loose weight and yet promise that we will never be over weight again and next it just creeps up, its so easy to gain and so hard to loose, well I hope for our sake its the LAST time, literally last and final time:) good luck emmaline


has to be done this year
Dying to be SINGLE again...I meant on the scales and in clothes size :)

Anyone out there like me who wants to be in the singles zone please respond to this message because I'm curious to know how many people want this. I was size 8 and 9 stones 8 pounds on the scales few years back and dying to be in the singles again:))
ha ha pixar I will get back into the singles if it kills me.... My goal for now is 10stone, but I would really love to be 9st 7lb, it is a good weight for me as I am quite short and small in build.


has to be done this year
heya cosmic star and tribecamegan:) you both seem very determined so I assume u lot will get where u want in no time and i guess everyone has a goal and it shouldnt be about the scale numbers, rather what u like in the mirror:) tribecamegan me and u are literally the same because Im like 5ft 4 and I wanna be 125 exact. I was 130 pounds few years back, but this time going for 9st. I would be ok if im in the 10 st mark, but i wanna be in the singles:) so come on megan lets see if we can be in the singles again...x
It's my first and final time. :)
Good luck everyone!
This is my last turn with WW. If i didnt do this now god knows where id end up. In fact scrap that id be dead in 5 years. My 1st goal is get under 20 stone. Good luck to everybody else :)
I need too. I'm 40 and have osteo-arthritis in both knees and hips and just been diagnosed as having fibromyalgia. Getting the weight off will help me no end. My mobility is awful because of the pain and I now have to use a walking stick.

Not tried the pro points yet, will be starting on Monday when I get my info. Have looked through my friends though and I'm so excited as it seems much better than the old points system.

I won't get into the singles on the scales, I've never ever been there and I'm quite tall and don't want to look like a model.


has to be done this year
Good luck to everyone who's either doing this for the final time ( me) or for the first and final time.


has to be done this year
I dont think it matters what the scales show, remember scales weigh everything, not just fat, so its better to consider a goal to what you think you would look good and feel good in, not what the bmi says. So good luck to everyone. i HAVE LOST 5 STONES IN THE PAST, AND KNOW I CAN DO IT AGAIN AND ANYONE WHO HAS TO LOOSE MORE WILL LOOSE THAT TOO BUT IN A LONGER PERIOD, WHATEVER YOUR GOALS ARE MAKE THEM HAPPEN, REMEMBER ITS ON OUR HANDS XXX


likes posting.
ME ME ME!!!!!!!!I,m 50 on Wednesday & have been dieting since the age of 12.Ive lost stones over the years done every diet going.I got to my goal in 2007 with Lighterlife, but the weight just came back slowly.I still have all the new clothes i got back then.Now im on ww for the rest of my life & as long as i,m losing i dont care how long it takes.Im feeling a lot healthier on ww so it must be good.Ive lost 11 pounds in 5 weeks so im happy with that.Good luck.


has to be done this year
Eileen wow thats really good, I'm started my diet on Monday and I hope I can loose that much weight in 5 weeks. its just proves to show that age hasn't got much to do with your weight loss, at 50 you have done very well, keep it up:)
Me! Am fed up of alternating between diets and want this time to be the last! Am going with ww as think it is the one that fits most into everyday life as nothing is forbidden. Good luck everyone!


has to be done this year
sunshine hi, I just actually replied to yr thread, welcome to ww. I was doing sw and now back on ww, lets do it:)
This is my 4th with ww, got to goal twice! and nearly got there last time. But i am fed up with dieting but putting on more weight and after trying lots of calorie counting diets and failing i have gone back to ww for the last time. My weight loss at the moment is sooo slow but i will not give up! I cant, if i dont do this i will be overweight forever.

Its my 40th in a couple of months and i wont be fat and forty!!


has to be done this year
hiya k70joj and olliesdolly:) We have been there and done it got the thsirt - we are doing it again. I did this 4 years back when I lost 4 stones and kept it off for 1 year, was literally weighing myself every 2-3 days so that i didnt gain any weight and then bang after 1 year the weight just crept up and up and up and now Im back to start:(... But ladies all good luck for yr final journey, and lets stick to it for the last time
well this is it im doing it for the last time, but have to say i have always done diets because i want to lose it but in so many weeks which would mean starving myself:eek: Then would go mad eating and put half the weight back on. well i have had alot going on in my life, and the weight was the last thing to be addressed, but this year i thought, enough this year is for me. i suffer with arthritis, and fibromyalgia so its important to get weight off :D i feel this forum is certainly helping me to keep forcussed, all the best to everyone in this journey :D