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Anyone own a Suzuki Swift?


I will be a Princess!
Hi all!

A completely off topic question, but as the title suggests, does anyone own a Suzuki Swift? My Punto has become very problematic over the past 4 months (I've spent over £1000 in repairs since September) so it's time to get rid of it. I've only been driving a couple of years, so I don't want a big car as the insurance would be too high. I've been looking at the Suzuki Swift as it's relatively cheap for a new car (although ideally I'd love a Grande Punto, but am fed up off the hassle with mine, lol! :))

After all that waffle, I was just wondering if anyone would recommend this car, or whether people have had any bad experiences with it? :) My brother, who's a mechanic, has always recommended Japanese cars as they're supposed to be very reliable, but I don't know enough about cars to comment!

Any information would be gratefully received!

Sian xx
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Hi, my neighbour has one & has no problems at all, its 4yrs old now, i had one for a few days as a hire/courtesy car when my car was in an accident & for a small car i really liked it, seems alot bigger inside & the driving/front seats seem to be hire than my escort
I only learned to drive in my 40th year, and have only had two cars (both new) following the Japanese/reliability theme, I chose Nissan (oh and the fact they were built locally is Sunderland) my first car was a Micra - great fun, reliable and economical too - remember I'm too old to be a boy racer.

Then I replaced it after 6 year with the new Nissan Note (NTEC - with all the gadgets & toys lol) my first diesel and I love it! (well apart from when it skidded off the road recently - conditions and driver to blame, not the car lol.

60MPG diesel and £30 a year to tax with enough storage to satisfy most people - especially someone like myself who travels a lot of miles on birdwatching trips - add to that my 24% Nissan discount (Family & Friends Scheme) made it a no-brainer for me.

Already planning my next step-up for the Quashqai in 2015;)

Have you considered the Honda Jazz & Mazda 2 as well as those mentioned?

Treat yourself to the latest edition of What Car? magazine. Not only will that help clarify the options, but they guarantee you to find the cheapest deal.

Good luck!



I will be a Princess!
Thanks Steve for the advice! Well, I went and bought a Suzuki Swift today. The handling is lovely on it! 60 plate for £8000, so not too bad. I'm just so relieved to finally have a car that's likely to be reliable! :D Fingers crossed anyways! xx
Well done Sian - it was on my shortlist actually - great price - and a colleague at work swears by Suzuki having owned several and all from new.

Let us know how it goes, reliability should not be an issue for years to come, but also running costs, tax, fuel economy, etc.

Hope you love your little car - I know it is a great thing to own from brand new knowing you've not inherited a potential headache!


Congrats on your new car Sian, I only passed my test 5yrs ago but had bought a new suzuki ignis 6 months before and have had absolutely no problems with it at all very reliable cars in all weathers happy driving xx