Anyone starting cd soon or recently started?


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X Kelly X

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Come on to the CD forum bit, lots of people happy top help & buddy up. I started CD on monday, so am really looking forward to WI! :)
Is this your 1st time doing CD? The first 3 days are the worst but after that its plain sailing xxx


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Hi and welcome! I started CD yesterday. Just get on the CD-section of the forum and enjoy the stories. I found them very motivational. If you need some motivation now and again just prod me with a pm :D


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Hi Hun!!!!
Welcome to Minimins and goodluck with The Cambridge Diet. The first few days are tough, but after that it will get easier. Plus the losses are so great, that it really inspires you to carry on.
Love Vicky


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i started CD 4days ago so if you need support for the 1st few days im aound everyday after 2 lol

good luck hun!!



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emmadilemma said:
hi jem how are you finding it now, i was supposed to start today but ate at lunch cant seem to stick with these - how did you get thru first few days?xxx

Love your name Em! Hehe


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Hi good luck with your new journey to a slimmer you. I've been doing CD for 7 weeks now so if you want to buddy up I'm more than happy to help you and anyone else out there :)